Lamb Set For Slaughter

Poem written by Lonelyhearts1224 on Friday 26, October 2018

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Being constantly harassed and falsely accused

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It's woe and rejection causing turmoil inside; Reputation, when tainted questions reason for life. Their words and starred glances, poison darts pierce my heart. Whispered insults keep coming; Forged smiles they can't hide. My mind goes on wondering, why God hasn't this stopped. There are those who spread rumors and with it destroy lives. Why hasn't He answered my pleas for protection? Or was this His plan, all along is my question? "I dare ask you Lord, how much more can one stand?" "Constant taunting surrounds me, endless haters at hand." Like a lamb set for slaughter, I will willingly die; If this grants my escape, from accusers who lie. written on: April 20, 2017.

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    Lonely, it ain't To... Ulalume or To His Coy Mistress but it's almost a poem. A sad, "oh, woe is me" type of poem, depressing but mostly good writing. A few rough spots: S2/l1&2 really don't flow;
    '...I willing to die' even with poetic license, this needs "I am" or "I'm"; the beginning of the final line is awkward: maybe replace "So I can finally rest..." with "To finally rest..." or something similar.
    The music to make this a song would have to be a dirge. The reader should save this for a really bad day to cheer up via shadenfreude: "At least somebody's got a worse life than I have."

    PS KT will appreciate the line spacing, as do I.

    PPS Noticed you seldom comment. That's a shame as someone with your skills and expressiveness could provide very helpful advice to others. It's also how we pay out dues on this site.
    I liked this. It is very sad, and paints a tragic picture of the results of bullying and harassment. Nice writing.
    the line : My mind goes on wondering why God hasn't this stopped

    I'm unsure if there should be quotations around that phrase. Does poetic license often omit that punctuation? or does a comma and question mark suffice to correct phrasing?

    Otherwise, it was a fairly easy read. Thanks for sharing.