My Little Angel

Poem written by Lonelyhearts1224 on Monday 1, October 2018

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My daughter's mischievous ways at a young age

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I have a little Angel; She's bright and smart, you know. The teacher claims she talks in class; But, that's just grandma's fault. She's oh so cute and sunny like a little girl should be... But, if she doesn't get her way, she'll nag you eternally. When arriving home on school days, she'll sit and watch tv. The moment homework time draws near, she'll act like she's asleep. Sometimes, I think she's testing me; To see how far it goes. I ask you Lord for patience cause she questions my resolve. We'll start to do her homework; and when it's almost done. She'll say, "I'm going to bed." She does this just for fun. I'll quiz her on week's spelling words; so she can get good grades. She'll try to bargain with me, of what toys she'd get for A's. God gave me a little Angel; so that she can confort me... Someone please tell my Angel, not to play mind games with me. written on: October 1995

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    Lonely, I read this and one about your son earlier then came back to re-read & comment but the boy's is gone! Rampant gender discrimination right here in the Den!
    This is cute and funny and oh, so true. I think there's an old Chinese curse: "May you have smart kids." Reading out loud it's a bit uneven: most has a good cadence but there are some rough spots: stanza 2- line 2 (maybe eternally); 5-3 (I'm or I am, not I'am); 5-7 (final of didn't fit rhythm or meaning); 6-3 (please breaks the rhythm); 6-4 .
    I personally prefer verse that rhymes, but that's just me. Regardless, I like this. Write on.
    lol Loved the ending! Nicely done! Cool