Poem written by cookacannibal on Friday 21, September 2018

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my expression of catharsis

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this fractured landscape broken shards jut through the dry cracked terrain reaching for the sky obscured by thick sanguine roiling clouds i wander through finding negligible signs of life i am unsure of how to encourage that which i do not cognize this milieu will submit and become vivacious wholesome and salubrious in good time the work cogitation and reflection required to heal is my onus

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    Potent is the word for your poem. I felt the command of the speaker's thoughts. I believe the absence of capitalization bespeaks unwritable sentiments, so to speak. Good job.
    Cook, my standard poetry disclaimer: I'm rather old fashioned when it comes to poetry: I actually favor Poe, Marvel, Coleridge, Wilde, and the Roberts Frost and Service, to give you some idea. To me, even free verse should have a flow and rhythm when read aloud to distinguish it from spoken prose. When reading a poem, you should almost hear the music that would make it a song. That said, this didn't seem like a poem but a inner conversation transcribed. I don't see the purpose in omitting punctuation and capitalization, but that seems to have become a sign saying, "This is poetry," when that wouldn't otherwise be obvious. The last stanza seemed singularly unpoetic.

    You should probably take my negative comments as an indication that you have a good modern poem.
    Interesting, and different presentation. I enjoyed it. Nice job.
    I admit, i struggled reading this. Maybe it's just our tendency to read more left to right than vertically? I just couldn't get over the difficulty and i lost track of the topic.
    But thank you for sharing.