Poem written by Lonelyhearts1224 on Tuesday 18, September 2018

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Dark silence keeps on calling, illusions have gone dry Frustration is the partner from whom I cannot hide Triumphant bits at best, kaleidoscope the mind Trite dreams and aims suggest emotional demise Insanity is a luxury I cannot dare to buy Confusion and commotion have build their homes in mine Uncertainty and sadness, they taunt me everyday Disparity and anguish deceive the bright of day written on: April 21, 2017

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    Lonely, this is structurally close to my kind of poem -- as a consumer, not a creator -- although the message is a downer. That's not necessarily a bad thing in poetry, although I wouldn't want to read more than one like this in a day. I prefer rhyming poetry, but that's just me, and the 3rd line didn't fit as well as the others. Good job. Write on.
    A bit of despair, nicely presented.