Have You Ever??

Poem written by Gonzo on Monday 18, February 2002

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Have you ever thought about your life?? Have you ever cried yourself to sleep?? Have you ever asked yourself the question, "For who is it that I weep??" Have you ever tried to focus, But were interrupted by uncontrollable thoughts?? Have you ever wanted more of something?? Have you ever repeated to yourself the shoulds and oughts?? Have you ever tried to have a discussion, In the over crowded halls?? Have you ever waited on someone, Who said they'd return your calls?? Have you ever made a decision - Whether it be right or wrong, Then found out later, That it didn't matter, you took too long?? Have you ever tried to be a friend; Then was told to go to Hell?? Have you ever pretended to be completely calm, But inside all you wanted was to yell?? If you have ever done these things, Then you must forget them now. For than you can move on the the finer things in life, But you must forget the hurts; the "owwws." So now I ask you: Have you ever laughed out-loud, Not worrying about what people think?? Have you ever gotten something on your shirt, And walked around, proudly displaying the ink?? Have you ever smiled, Over the passing thought of your crush?? Have you ever stopped playing in the snow, Then realized this will one day be slush?? Have you ever closed your eyes real tight, And wished a wish to come true?? If you've ever done these things, Then life is truth for you!!

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    Really enjoyed your poem, a few misspelled words but in all good job, very nice