The belch of Friday has...

Poem written by Saad El-Asha on Tuesday 18, September 2018

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The belch of Friday has exorcistical force; It chases away the brainwash of the sermon. It cleans the path for the coming days. How else could we know that the first of us to seek guidance and Bay'ah will still be the first of us and have killed our acquiescence? Meanwhile, the drug of Nation is merging with the collateral damages: revolts and arms embargo. The leader takes off in business class and the first of us explodes in a self-fulfilling prophesy: Rue the day you've broken your allegiance. You may now miss the years of having mutton at lunch and dubbed anime 24/7.

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    Interesting thought here. I am not familiar with the part of Islamic culture you seem to be pointing to, so forgive me if I pass on this one.
    Your comments are forever appreciated, Kt. No need for forgiveness. The core of the poem is based on Seamus Heany's From the Land of the Unspoken. Here you may find the bit I've used, beginning with "Our unspoken assumption..." :