I felt relieved...

Poem written by Saad El-Asha on Tuesday 18, September 2018

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I felt relieved –as opposed to "at home" – when they asked not where I came from. I told them, however, where I'd had my last job at a farmland; I'd befriended my employer who was mostly brusque to my workmates and officious at best. Uphill you'd encounter a world to possibly make a nostalgia of, A place devoid of sleepwalkers and tax payers, where you might glance a Roman tomb, stray foxes, a shag shack for available genders, and you'd probably glean almonds along the way, far from the soothing crowds and fresh cowshit. You're hired, they said. We pay no taxes, either.

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    Quite good. "Your hired, no taxes, we pay in cash."

    "You're fired."