From the beginning,

Poem written by Saad El-Asha on Tuesday 18, September 2018

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From the beginning, a second line emerges and is formed to guide you somewhere… (I fear an appalling triangle that never abandons the imagination; First, I fear that I will soon lose my left eye and Second, I fear that my future cancer will linger and wear its welcome, I have seen it running in the family and on the screen, with my left eye intact. Third and not least, I fear most for my memory. Yesterday, I think, I left the key hanging by the brown lock I'd bought years ago, and I hadn't realized my loss until I came home. The power was cut all along and I had to sense my way towards it. The building, cancer-haunted itself, is now rife with memories I won't be able to embrace; The few unstolen windows in my corridor, the starving kittens in all corridors, The absurd phrases on the walls of the fourth floor where I occasionally borrow cigarettes, but Up on the roof, I'm starting to think I won't be able to wipe this from my brain, This, The view on the stagnant pond with the couple of ducks, The petty solar power plant by the gate, The special upper-class compound in the same neighbourhood, where once a girl invited me for a shag in her room and I declined, thinking me an imagined proud pauper. But still, I have never thought I'd leave the key hanging by the brown lock I'd bought years earlier) … and over here, I shall be taking you down, down, to what might be the end, the end of From-the-Beginning and these words.

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    A bit dark here. Both the mind and the eye, that powerful gateway, duly affected by a severe depression?