You, who's reading me now...

Poem written by Saad El-Asha on Tuesday 18, September 2018

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You, who's reading me now (or reading my words) (Or: My reader – or my words' reader) Are you certain that you 'apprehend' my language and its semantics? (Certainly a literal translation) Speaking of certainty, be certain this isn't an exhausted trial of satirizing/extolling the postmodern dilemma; (Mind you, I didn't capitalize 'postmodern' for I possess no knowledge to contain that shit) I joke you not; Have my computer swarmed with Trojans, I won't be irked. Of course, I'm talking about the virus. I've already told you I'm poorly educated. Troy for me is only a prose poem translated into English; not the real thing. Read me as you do a Borges with scanty intelligence and greater sex drive; What shall I do to show you that I'm the nicest person you'd ever meet?

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    lol Great posting. Tell me, is it a poem or a rant?
    I think it could be both, but then a rant should convey real emotions. This was a play on certain things. Smile