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Prose written by Saad El-Asha on Tuesday 18, September 2018

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Word-associated hallucination.

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So it goes like this: I put on my slipper and go for a piss. Perhaps they call it Slipper because it slips the many seconds you'd spend tying your shoelaces. I was once passionate about shoes and how they looked superior to gloves. Speaking of gloves, I remember the first time I came across the word Gauntlet; it was in Mounir Ba'albaki's Al-Mawred, with a drawing and shit. And I thought how familiar it must be for some people – Yes, Europeans – to come across the image of a gauntlet. I might've thought of the overture of Cosi fan Tutte, as well. They sounded too European. "Tutte" is a funny word. You know Totti, the Italian footballer. Two days ago I asked whether he was still playing. A robust Roman he is. What's Rome? What's Roma? Do they realize that Roma in English refers to what I think is called Gypsies? They were fucked by the Nazis. It's funny, they never colonized another land for it. Alright, I understand that some people might deem this insensitive. Why do people perceive sensitivity easier than they do sensibility? Sensibility was once a tool for wits. I think Wit evolves. Nowadays Jane Austen might not be a wit. In my town, we exercise wit in our actions. I believe they have a name for it in other countries. Countries. I didn't realize that Palestine wasn't a country until I became a man, according to psychoanalysis. It was funny. I'm poorly educated, but even by my standards, it was shameful not to see it. Psychoanalysis is a luxury. I could think of little boys exclaiming "cool!" at something their parents could afford. That's what I think about when I think of psychoanalysis. It might be ignorant of me, but have you even heard of a psychoanalyst who was poor? Oh, poverty! Why did I use the exclamation mark? Poverty. Can't live with it, can't live without it? Naaah, that's stupid. It could be absurd, though. Absurd isn't stupid. Does poverty belong in the Absurd? I haven't looked into Frank Zappa's original question. I know it's got something to do with music. Music. My god, I love Cosi fan Tutti's overture! Exclamation mark justified. I won't manifest self-pity and say "Oh, I wish I had the chance to study music". Wait a minute, I just did. Why? It's all staged, anyway. Speaking of "It's all …", I liked Atwood's "Context is all". It's not "It's all about .." but hey, Semantics is a bitch. Does Context belong in this piece? Is this a piece? Frank Zappa is dead. By the way, I only listened to one song by Zappa. I'm just quoting his phrase. I love phrases. They make sentences more interesting. They're indifferent, justifiably, when it comes to the untranslatability of wordplays. Oh, the phrases in my native language that I would share! Sharing is great. That's why it's invisible in History. Sharing. Share this. Break it down for your own pleasure. Pleasure.

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    A great free-form rant. A really good piece of free writing. Excellent!

    But I would have gone back, done a quickie edit, and but some paragraphs in.! Cool
    Wouldn't be free anymore, would it? Grin