Poem written by Saad El-Asha on Tuesday 18, September 2018

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In our town, we have no cul-de-sacs Our streets are open wide, but I constantly, constantly, keep looking around .. A volley of needles poking my back, physically forcing me to vanish into and within the blue (Namely, carrying me upward. Blue is better than Sky, I assume) Giant blades rushing into the horizon, as if propelled by a cannon, hit my ankles from behind and cut my feet. I think about my friend. His father is Japanese and mother Kenyan – or was it the other way around. I don't remember. His last name sounds funny – and resides in Caracas .. We often spoke of his music; It was popular among Oprah fans, quotes-loving New-Age enthusiasts, sex tourists, and pseudoscience orators, among others Having targeted a wider audience, he feels the blow but never protests. He knew of such cases and dismissed them as historical repetitions; Such as his desire for an Eye from within, with which we'd see and feel everything a person had ever done and felt and thought .. Once we met them. It would speed-up, if not cancel, the inevitable use of pick-up lines .. The process of explaining our names and accents, but it would naturally eliminate a "primordial pleasure", it would replace it with a new one, nonetheless .. not entirely new, for the idea had been already explored and even given a name. Bastard! He lived in the shadow of giants. I didn't. In the classroom, secondary school, I used to hum Hafez' songs and Alf Leyla wa Leyla's opening, In the auditorium in college, it was better. Better sound. Speaking of which, I lived away from shadows; I struggled, listening to numerous pedantic outbursts from/by pseudo-intellectuals. I wouldn't describe them as such, though; Pseudo-intellectuals have great intellectual capacities and free mileage, on air and land. They see the world. "Primordial pleasure". What a f***** ****! By the way, Have you seen the Royal Wedding?

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    No, I did not watch the Royal Wedding. Too many pseudo-intellectuals commenting for my interest. Grin