Poem written by Saad El-Asha on Tuesday 18, September 2018

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Would you recognize them when they bleed to death, or when they cuss, or reach climax – when they claim they have explored the insides of a thousand seas. Let's grant Pronouns a reprieve. Let us try local food; don't over-think the hows of eating. I'm recalling the gulp, the opening of window shades when I was perchance pondering the mess of it all. I shall bethink me, but for the time being, I am … My family / My jokes Is that a tent? / Camels Africa / Savanna sunsets A basketball baton / House burglary Tokyo / Rush in tuxedos Moonlight on a glass of wine / fill in the blankets (Baroque?) Sitar / Kari Apartheid / Not Israel Jesus / White patriarchy Mohammed / Harem Cinema / Anything but this Arabic / Everything wa this Salsa / Brown thighs Rich / Islands Two millennia / You can't do anything. You're black. Climate change / I'm innocent. I'm too poor to even release my own gasses. Too many items to be listed / Too busy to list them ….. I'm very sorry.

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