Poem written by Saad El-Asha on Monday 17, September 2018

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I’ve told my friend to take heed of something; First of all, stop leaning your head backward, wetting your throat with all that is drinkable! He rightfully gave me a ubiquitous smile, The type of smile he would produce when patronized; all types of smiling. A smirk would do. I’m (an) Ebdewi. You’re (an) Ebdewi. We are Ebdewyean , We’re neither Badou nor Bedouins, We, Ebdewyean, seldom smirk; we use interjection! We communicate with it most of the time. Ebdewi You pronounce “dewi” like “Dewey” But, my friend, we attach to no land and are yet isolated! We have always embraced our Arabic, Berber, Nubian, Igbo, Mongolian, Japanese, Turkic, Anglo-Saxon, Nordic and Aztec selves, We are no one in particular. We are everyone in general. How easy to say! And yet you smirk! And I keep patronizing! I have forgotten what I would have said, second of all. I am going to stop, but will you stop leaning your head backward for a second!

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    No, I will not stop leaning my head back. However, I will pronounce Ebdewi properly and address you with repspect.