An "arranged" marriage

Poem written by LynettePrinsloo on Sunday 16, September 2018

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Something short and heartfelt

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these eyes aren't yours these hands aren't yours this chest isn't yours this breath isn't yours where are you, my love? why is this not you? have you left me with him? is it true? this feels like an arranged marriage with the flowers, dress, priest and carriage he talks of it all as if i am already all his but little does he know the biggest lie is this "here i am on this fateful day ready to give my love away for one last time my heart is mine and on this day i am supposed to say..." i do a shiver runs down my spine my heart is no longer mine where were you all this time? was this mountain too difficult to climb? was i too much for you? or did you just not love me too? because, my dear, with all my heart i love you but you are not him not even one bit and when i realized this like a massive wave it hit please stand up best friend object this wedding is not over yet save me from this life this is not for me my heart has always belonged to you do you not see? the most painful tear runs down my face as we have our long final embrace please take care of my heart as our paths and our lives part

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    Very good! I really like this!
    You need upper case at the start of each line.