A life lived for me

Poem written by Sydney Malkauskas on Tuesday 4, September 2018

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Sometimes it’s hard to see your life continuing without (insert name here). But maybe it’s possible?

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i have been fine without you before i woke up and went 24 hours without a thought of you entering my mind i have fallen asleep and went a whole night without a dream of you and i playing in the night sky i have accomplished huge things without your help i have made huge mistakes without your input i have molded myself for years without your hands i laughed smiled was joyful was free was myself was without you i walked and ran and enjoyed the sunshine of the world that i illuminated without you that's who i was

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    I understand the sentiment and I think it's a good thought. I am not a native speaker so I can't correct little mistakes, but I is not i. And your free verse was a bit too free for me.
    But don't get me wrong I really liked your theme. Keep writing!
    Eye has got the I or i thing nailed.
    I also think, even though this is free verse, you need some punctuation. You need to impart a sense of timing and pace, and that is what punctuation would give you.