I've been thinking

Poem written by Eyeshield21 on Tuesday 7, August 2018

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Lately I've been thinking Why do I live? I don't do anything Just eat, sleep and think And, yet, I 'm here, writing Can't help wondering What did I do to deserve this? There are thousands of kids Having nothing Can't even afford to eat Just happy to live And, yet, I am here, writing, Can't help wondering Is God really watching?

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    Thanks for correcting my mistake Alex! I thought that because of thousands it is kid. And also thanks for your opinion!
    Short and deep, Eye, even if a little too close for comfort. Good job.
    "kid" should be "kids"
    Write on.
    Eye, corrected a typo in my comment & it moved to after your response. Re: "kid" or "kids" this is an example of a confusing English usage depending on whether the noun is used as a noun or as part of a phrase modifying another noun:
    "a ten foot beam" or "a beam ten feet long"
    "a four mile run" or "a run of four miles"
    "a thousand kid march" or "a march with a thousand kids"
    Confusing? Illogical? Sure, but the only place "logical" and "English" should appear together is in a list of seven-letter words (or a list of words of seven letters). (Hyphen used if possible confusion without.)
    Hey, don't blame me. You had a choice to write in English; some of us don't.
    Kind of interesting. I think you could easily expand it and make it a bit more dramatic.