With Smiles She Hides The Tears

Poem written by Lonelyhearts1224 on Saturday 4, August 2018

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To be a woman, a mother , a provider, and still have dreams to conquer

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You glance and see a woman A lady to and fro An ordinary mother like many that you know Yet, deep within her being remotely hidden in her soul She strives to reach perfection and untold dreams she holds It's struggle for existence she deals with everyday Her need, self-preservation with monetary gains Provider for her children Role model among her peers Close friends can't even fathom with smiles she hides the tears She excels in her profession making it her life's dream goal Cause when you see her smiling It obscures the pain she tows written: April 23, 2017

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    Another good poem, Lonely, with a couple of rough spots. Rhymes erratic & some seem forced.
    'remotely hidden in her soul' rough
    'making it her life's dream goal' doesn't flow well aloud.
    'It obscures the pain she tows' "tows" doesn't work for me; "holds" "knows" maybe??
    I liked this. You did not need the wide spacing, I think, between lines.

    Oh, and "existence," not "existence."