Last Hope For Life

Poem written by Lonelyhearts1224 on Tuesday 31, July 2018

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A short poem about the struggle to exsist

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A sparrow flies in winter's cold nowhere to land, nowhere to go She searches frantically all day and night Safe haven from the brutal site Still tries to fly with frozen wings Enduring the pain this effort brings Inviting warm nest, last hope for life Must find it soon or else, she dies written: October 2016.

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    I loved this! While I am no poet, more of a story writer, I can relate to this tremendously. Sometimes I feel as if I am so burdened by life that my wings are frozen; however, push through the pain. There is always light at the end of the title. Look forward to what you write next Smile
    Lonely, I liked this -- more my kind of poem than much on this site (However, I realize that is probably due much more to my dinosaur taste than to any fault of the poets). Out loud, to me a couple of lines didn't flow as well as the rest:
    'She searches frantically'
    'Inviting warm nest, last hope for life'
    Good job. Write on.
    Yes, very good. Does she find the nest or not?