Last Hope For Life

Poem written by Lonelyhearts1224 on Tuesday 31, July 2018

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A short poem about the struggle to exsist

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A sparrow flies in winter's cold; Nowhere to land, nowhere to go. She searches frantically all day and night; Safe haven from the brutal site. Still tries to fly with frozen wings; Enduring the pain this effort brings. Inviting warm nest, last hope for life. Must find it soon or else..... She Dies. written: October 2016.

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    I loved this! While I am no poet, more of a story writer, I can relate to this tremendously. Sometimes I feel as if I am so burdened by life that my wings are frozen; however, push through the pain. There is always light at the end of the title. Look forward to what you write next Smile
    Lonely, I liked this -- more my kind of poem than much on this site (However, I realize that is probably due much more to my dinosaur taste than to any fault of the poets). Out loud, to me a couple of lines didn't flow as well as the rest:
    'She searches frantically'
    'Inviting warm nest, last hope for life'
    Good job. Write on.
    Yes, very good. Does she find the nest or not?