No Borders Between Space

Sci-Fi Story written by ericShaneB on Thursday 19, July 2018

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About the story] An ordinary person is chosen by a group of alien races to captain a ship. They are given the responsibility to safeguard technology while building a crew from all the nations of Earth. He is faced with the challenge of new capabilities, new knowledge and the politics of having technology everyone wants.

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Prologue to Day One 12-15-2019 Ships Log spaceship, (no name) - Charley Brigg; acting Captain. I continue to change— no doubt about it, not into what but into whom? I will keep questioning my humanity because of how I’m thinking, what I know, and what I can do. Everything's different now. Frequencies and sounds are music that I can understand. They continue to communicate with me, teaching me. It's strange, I used to be so concerned with who I was and what I wanted to be, and now that I have access to this ship and new parts of my brain I see things clearer and realize that what makes us "human" is— primitive, most of which are obstacles to our real potential. The power I have is not driving me. The new purpose in which I’m here is. I was asked to represent Earth as ‘Guardian’ and oversee the spaceship. In that— it appears the aliens see our potential. Who the aliens are and from where they came, I don’t know. It is unusual that they would want a common person like me, to have autonomy over the ship and its technology. Regardless of the decision, the fact is, I am entrusted with that authority. The timeframe for which I am to perform this role has yet to be determined. During my control, I have been partnered with an alien to guide me. Although it was my actions that brought me to the ship, the technology I was subjected to was not my choice. It is important to note; one could not have happened without the other. Nevertheless, I chose. There were two prominent moments to my arrival on the spaceship; the point in which I had become most aware and the implementation of knowledge, which initiated my physical and mental changes. Again, one would not have happened without the other. The most perplexing of my changes have happened over the last 24 hours. I feel it is best, to start my story, where I had become fully aware. [I became aware.] I was becoming more aware of myself every minute since the alien implanted the disks in my wrist and ankles— I realized that ‘life’ was no longer happening to me. My decision to be here on the ship meant ‘life’ was happening because of me in the actions I took. I could sense and feel everything in my body and around me; the air, the vibrations. I can feel gravity; the ship in space in relation to Earth. I could actually see ‘life’ happening in me. The connection I had with the spaceship allowed ‘life’ to happen for me in the decisions I made as Guardian. The frequencies I partnered with and shaped on the console enabled me to recognize ‘life’ was happening through me. Such a distinction between positive and negative energy was never clearer to me. In space floating, the once invisible building blocks of life collected together in micro-pockets of twirling rainbows of light. They mimicked large galaxies far away. Large or small, I understood I was ‘life’. Yes, I was aware. While parked in space on the dark side of the moon my optimism overflowed in outward streams of colored light which was once invisible to me. I examined the auras around me closely to understand the meanings within the wash of frequencies— from them I learned. Behind me, fixed on me stood Jemma-we, my alien Guide. A glance at her exposed the tense twitching of her eyes moving side to side. Her dark eyebrows danced up and down in sequence to inner thought. She struggled to keep up with what I was doing. Unbelieving, she watched my hands move confidently in front of me through the controls as someone conducting an orchestra. My hands squeezed together between operations responding to the frequencies that taught me. In my movements in and out, bright shaded hues followed my hands in an aura that appeared alive. Collapsing them together; the frequencies exploded out from my hands and rained down in lines, pulsating on the ship’s bridge around me, and out into space. It was actual magic in my hands, mind, and what I could see. The life-altering changes were from the alien technology coalescing with me. “You are seeing frequencies clearly,” Jemma-we asked. “Yes, I never knew science like this existed. I just never saw it. Who would have thought frequencies were ubiquitous, even as I grew up in Dayton, Ohio?” “I do not understand, she said” I could actually sense her walking up behind me— getting closer. “You are not wearing an Ocular and shouldn’t be seeing so many unassisted— it is bewildering. I mean,” her hands flailed. “You are human.” Was she offended? “I looked over my shoulder at her with a grin. “You make it sound like it’s a bad thing.” No one instills confidence when they poke. Maybe she had a reason? “There are frequencies of color everywhere and in everything around us. You can’t see the radiation?” “Of course,” she gawked at me, eyes wide and glazed over in scrutiny. “Not to the extinct you can, however.” You should not have been able to fly the ship here without the Ocular. I turned back to the controls. A stale smell lingered on the bridge as we were the only two on the massive ship. I just nodded to her confusion. I was a child being educated. It was exciting seeing what I could see. “I am just glad I decided to come. “I’ve always wanted to do something unequivocally." Her hand softly landed on the small of my back— it was so cold I shivered. “Guardian, we should go to the infirmary now.” The cold and excitement left me aquiver. It’s like she iced her hands up in space before touching me. “In a moment,” I said turning back. “Call me Brigg— Guardian seems so impersonal,” I said focusing through the dark-colored aura of her face. Her eyelashes batted heavily down on her large oval eyes. She stared at me for a long moment. “Charley Brigg, is what they call you on Earth?” “Mostly Brigg Jemma-we,” I’m no Rock or Prince I jested. She didn’t get my humor, why would she? She was alien. “We really should go to the infirmary.” I just met her but it was enough time to learn she could be singularly motivated. The alien delegation of 9 races said I was ‘Guardian’ of the ship. Why me, I wondered? Genetically chosen or not, the selection felt more random. Moreover, it came with vicissitudes. It’s discerning that no one knew the extent of how technology affected me or would affect me further. Maybe going now to the infirmary was actually a good idea— but that thought went as quickly as it came. “I need more time, I said.” The movements I made were guided by what I saw in my brain from the questions I had. The solids I created around my fingers in the controls were built from frequency I partnered with. I could say I willed the solids but that would be incorrect as I was more the conduit who guided the frequencies around me. I felt good, not ill; stronger, faster, and more focused. The increased physical and mental changes made me think I could again be a warrior on the ice. I was feeling ten years younger. Unfortunately, the alien changes weren’t initiated so I could be a hockey player. My heart was big on the ice, but it didn’t translate into being the best player. It did, however, get me into the NHL for at least a couple of years. “The heart can accomplish amazing things,” I mumbled. Maybe that’s why I was here? Outside our viewing screen, the building blocks of life continued to float by in space. The Stardust made up 90% of the human body. Micro clouds of ionized hydrogen pockets highlighted them. The free protons and electrons would help power the ship. My personal building blocks came in the form of; courage, kindness, respect, appreciation, and love— a foundation built in me by parents and grandparents at a time when I began to c.r.a.w.l. I remember— it as an acronym, my dad often joked. A tear appeared to the thought of my parents passing and disappeared as quickly as it came. My emotions were abrupt. I was experiencing a disconnection in my faster thinking. Was I losing my humanity? When I focused on my foundation I felt human. The solids I created from frequency around me appeared and disappeared back into the console. My reactions to what I did and was learning were taken in stride like everything else since waking up in change. I kept hearing the words ‘Now Charley’ in my brain, words embedded there from course correction growing up. I was more aware today, because of my family’s critical guidance. Reliving the experiences kept me optimistic. “It is really an opportunity to be here Jemma-we. I grew up learning that opportunity and love are sometimes the same. Sometimes we’re not looking for it, and sometimes it finds us and most the time— it’s what we need.” I glanced over at her and smiled pushing my short black hair off my eyes with my fingers. “I never thought I’d actually be on a ship in space let alone meet an alien. I love it here,” I said aloud. “That is a good thing I understand,” Jemma-we responded. “Human love is a characteristic interesting to me but foreign.” Taken aback, I examined her physically in a vivid stare. She was quite striking with enormously dark green eyes, long dark hair, and distinguished eyebrows which fed me visually to every emotion she had— human-like. With athletic curves, she was more human looking than alien. “You must know love well, she said pulling me out of my gaze.” I felt the heat fill my face— blush. “Love, oh yes I replied— it’s simple,” I said recovering; “you know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.” She looked at me attentively absorbing the meaning, “It’s what Dr. Seuss says.” In a long pause, she dissected it soaking in the understanding in a stare herself. “Obviously this Dr. Seuss is a special human.” “Yes, I guess he is, I smiled.” The bridge aura flickered and danced in frequencies around us. Acquiring the ability to see them and captain the ship put human potential into perspective. The aliens through Jemma-we provided me the knowledge to operate the ship but there was still much to learn. There were things I wondered— was it protocol to appreciate the opportunity at first contact? My eyebrows rose to my potential. I was the first human to ever walk the bridge. “Dr. Seuss sought to nurture the potential of good in his post-war message... Some people can’t see potential.” “I have studied your kind. The unfathomable think you are ‘always’ destined for war and driven ‘only’ by money and power. Your people will likely interpret us as an alien invasion. “I can't answer for everyone. You reveal a non-apocryphal destiny for friendly growth into space. And, I think its love— that drives us not war.” I could see both sides and was no fool. Awareness reminded me, what being Guardian and Captain would bring. I didn’t look forward to the limelight. I exhaled rolling my teeth over my lower lip. “Frankly I'm not sure how people will react to you, your advanced technology, and me being Guardian?” I was specifically thinking about the government. I glanced at Jemma-we between the operations I made. Her confused eyes fixated on me but she didn’t respond verbally to my query. The controls I operated on each station were small crystalline apertures. Like buttons, they lined out on the console with small holes in parallel. They were the same on the smaller ship I flew here. My fingers tapped on the holes activating different instructions into the appearance of solid particles. I would then shape them. My role as Guardian included ensuring periodic maintenance of all fifty-five stations on the bridge until I could find a crew. I verified what I saw in my mind clearly, tuning in multiple operations. The maintenance and changes were from numerous thoughts. I paused, sat back and looked again into space. Satellites traveled by us 28,000 kilometers an hour. I could still see them but only as large rainbow trails of dust particles. "Are you sure you are okay, Jemma-we asked." "My change began this morning— a memory-wave of sorts. It’s still affecting me now but yea, I'm okay. I’m able to access lost and forgotten memories and it is distracting sometimes. It has intensified the foundation my family built in me, specifically things my grandfather used to say.” The obscure quips and statements he made oddly related. “He used to say, “The only thing we truly own is our integrity. Once lost, we have nothing— just a dark hole, and soullessness.” "This Grandfather guided you,” she asked? "Yes dramatically at that. He often shared his wisdom when he thought I was heading in the wrong direction. I see his quotes from the exact day, date, minute, and second, he shared them.” In the corner of my eye Jemma-we stood listening and monitoring, she actually shared more knowledge in the last twenty-four hours than he did my whole life. The technical knowledge she implanted enabled me to engage these apertures. I turned to see her appealingly watching me in a deep focus. Streaks of frequency fell in lines of color into her aura as thick dust falls through bright sunlight. She was waiting for me to follow her to the infirmary. Her observations of me were like how a lab technician looked at a specimen yet they were obscurely innocent. I was new in space, and my hope relied on her. The knowledge she and the aliens shared demonstrated their belief in me. I’m not sure what that specifically was. Jemma-we had a concern on her face. She just couldn’t hide it with those eyebrows of hers. “Is something wrong?” I asked. “I have to get you to the infirmary soon,” Jemma-we replied again. Her eyebrows shifted inward towards her nose. “I see you changing. Don’t you feel debilitated from the increased harmonic stimulations? ” So she could see frequencies? “No, I feel fine, a bit pensive. The modifications are important and I’ll need some more time,” I replied again— eyes falling back on the console. With peripherals, I could sense her unwittingly nodding her approval. I wonder how she or any alien had faith in humans with the media broadcasting such negativity— obstacles to our potential? News has gone from reporting events to shock value and ratings. My grandfather used to say, “Integrity is important and based on what we do rather than what we say.” She and the aliens gave me a job to do. Introduce the ship to Earth, build a crew, and do this while guarding its technology— my purpose. I exhaled loudly, emanating my frustration to the task. With a half-smile, I took a deep breath again and remained hopeful. Introducing the ship required modifications. On the nearest science station, I sat to capture frequency codes from the satellites of Earth. I pressed the apertures to sequence the capture over the next few hours when the different satellites would come close in orbit. I made the settings while pondering… why Jemma-we and the other aliens choose me? There are two types of people: those who act because they want awareness and those who are aware— so they act. I was one to act. How does making me Guardian of an alien spaceship solve their dilemma? I was on Earth yesterday and now I’m in space. As I moved to each station I eyed Jemma-we. As interesting as I was to her, so was she to me. Her long dark hair bounced off her back between very tight tiny curls as she moved her head watching me closely Moving to another science station, Jemma-we followed me on the bridge. The station I stopped to work on controlled ship integrity. The operations would shield us from space junk, not that the self-restorative tubules on the ship’s exterior needed it. Surely, the space agencies of Earth will appreciate the absorption of 2,600 non-working satellites and junk though. I knew the ship could use the molecules from the waste materials. Modifications were needed knowing the finesse it will take to fly the two-mile long ship through the 1,100 remaining satellites. I prepared the ship for closer proximity to Earth even though the reflective skin of the ship would make us easily visible to the naked eye as a new star in the sky. “It really is perplexing how you are processing all the frequencies, their meanings and purpose so easily,” she exasperatingly wondered aloud. She had picked up the Ocular and now wore it over her right eye to view what I was doing in the frequencies in front of me. “I wonder myself,” I humbly said continuing to work on the control console. My capabilities were new to me— every experience resulted in epiphanies. My frequency manipulation into and out of solids made me realize I was more than human. Are people human using more of their brain? My mind raced. Lost memories and forgotten feelings flowed. They connected me emotionally to the person I’ve learned to be, and the beliefs I’ve always had. The foundation my parents built held my humanity in place. With each new epiphany and experience, I paused— I was evolving as a human, physically changing from the alien experience chosen, for a role in which I was not fully prepared. I’m more aware but I had reservations about my ability to perform because things don’t always go as planned. Sometimes being aware makes people less likely to act. It made me more mindful of the challenges I faced. By using more of my brain l was learning to understand things more clearly. From it, I had newfound perspectives: such as the notion that we never really die but as energy we evolve. In being Guardian, was I going outside myself; was I learning who I was? I closed my eyes in deep thought knowing the brain used twenty percent of the body’s energy to operate; I sensed unlimited power though. The pendant I wore had something to do with that. I squeezed it through my shirt like I’ve done thousands of times before in the past 15 years. The leather cord cut into the back of my neck as I tugged on it. I was different now and was adapting to the needs that would serve me as the Guardian. With my eyes closed, I knew I was using 38 percent of my brain, 15% more than six hours ago. “What are you modifying now,” she said working to keep up with the frequency modifications I was making. “I masked certain technologies we have from authorities reaching up from Earth below,” I said. “They will make the ship more— invisible. The ship is an unknown. For some people, what they don’t know or control, they fear. Reactions to fear can be dangerous, and I need to keep the ship safe.” “Earth people are dangerous?” “Like frequency, there is positive and negative energy,” I replied. “It’s good and evil.” “Similar to those we are at war with,” she said. I looked at her. She gave off a naïve impression in what she said out-loud— was it to convince herself? “I’m concerned about government intent. Some people seek only power.” The actions I’m making were assertive. “A big part of being human is having the courage to do things we need to do. I’m laying down a foundation in the modifications to introduce the ship.” She just watched with no further response. My confidence allowed me to overcome things I would have normally seen as obstacles. “In growing up, fear was always a risk— opportunity to do something exciting. The last twenty-four hours have been a discovery Jemma-we. I’m doing the extraordinary and feeling passionate about the experience. Passion turns into love and that and fear is human," My outburst was to assure myself. There was no risk in what I was doing because I knew beyond risk was evolution… not love. “It will be an extraordinary challenge to explain why I have a ship— you, a new language— and the technology,” my understanding of science has evolved. “I realize I’m Guarding technology against those you are at war with but that can include some people on Earth who would want the technology for themselves. It doesn’t matter that they can’t operate it using only 10 percent of their brain.” The crew’s roles, which required recruitment, are clear. “Fortunately, there are scientifically minded people on Earth who have the capabilities the ship needs. They’ll be invited to join us. How I’ll make the selections is another question.” I moved to the communications station, sat down and tuned it to recognize many of the orbiting satellites. “Getting close to the satellites will enable us to create further connectivity to the ship.” “This will help us, how she asked?” “We need information. A communication specialist can help us.” I floated another deep breath of concern across the bridge. I wonder if the government knew who I was by what happened in the park earlier? “There are people on Earth you don’t want near the ship. I have ideas on possible crew members.” My friend Paul came to mind. Knowing the existence of alien technology meant my friends might be in danger. “Many people with power seek control Jemma-we. Fantastic technology motivates certain people.” I felt safe in the new knowledge and technology. What I saw and could do with frequencies was more amazing than the technology itself. Yesterday I believed— but today I recognize more than ever, our human potential.   Chapter 1, Currently: I looked over the remaining stations that needed modification. It’s been 1 day, 22 minutes and 37 seconds since I began to change. I could not only focus and identify specific moments in time but I had an inordinate amount of control over my body as well. I felt sparse moments of anxiety in the excitement but with the ability to slow my heart I could relax at will. My cells were slowly opening up knowledge, which I worked to disseminate and understand. My brain’s plasticity flexed in the change as 100 billion neurons reshaped 100 trillion neural connections to adapt to the new experiences and what I was doing. The frequencies I looked through were like a Kaleidoscope. Even in my state of strength — I felt exposed to the possibility of being attacked or harmed, either physically or emotionally. “I just don’t understand it,” she tauntingly grunted. Jemma-we’s hands brashly landed on her hips. “How is it that you able to control the console functions so seamlessly.” Her hands fell to the side as she leaned in to examine what I was doing. “It is just unbelievable, she said shaking her head. We really should go to the infirmary,” I absorbed her praise but I was essentially intoxicated by my purpose. Destinies are neither a choice nor controlled. The path on what I should do was laid out in my mind. “My grandfather used to say, ‘Choice is the avoidance of ordinary by exploring adventures into the extraordinary.’ In part, it is what brought me here.” [I did step onto that small ship and fly it here.] “We’ll get to the infirmary soon.” “Your Grandfather has impressed upon you.” “Yes, but I don’t think it was to become Guardian. A Captain’s responsibility is daunting, and not specifically in my wheelhouse. Managing 250 people in business is one thing but it doesn’t make me qualified to manage a busy ship of 25,000 in space.” Jemma-we took a breath and relaxed in a long pause. “My people believe that if it can be imagined it can be done,” she assured watching me closely, Ocular in place. She was taking note to everything I did on the consoles. “I believe that too,” I said. “Why are you focusing on modifying the echo sensors?” “Preprogramming and boosting them will capture the frequencies and digital sound waves the satellites emanate. This will allow us to collect additional information with our communication array.” “Hmm, that’s true.” The sensors amplified a waterfall of jumbled voices. They erupted on the bridge as waves of energy. How am I going to interpret them? I had an answer as quickly as I wondered. The closer satellites were emphasized in the larger frequency streams. I reached out with the tips of my fingers and allowed the energy to flow through them. It clarified the varying conversations. “Vot is it you see in the instruments vis time,” “It is the same again coming from the direction of the moon comrade.” “Maybe vi can maneuvr the Space Station to again get a better vew,” “It is the same strange gravitational anomaly every time. And, it’s affecting our orbit.” “Who are they, Jemma-we asked? “It is our international space station. “You don’t seem concerned about them knowing we are here or affecting their orbit.” “Our ship is mostly on the dark side of the moon. With their speed and proximity to Earth, they won’t see us. The gravitational effects should be minimal too,” wait how do I even know that? I looked at Jemma-we puzzled but with another idea. I moved to the corner station which enabled environmental control. Jemma-we just followed and watched. Using the console I adjusted the gravity in the corridors. “This will allow us to move easier and faster through the ship.” I gripped my hand into a fist a couple of times. “It’s somewhat unnerving that I know that gravity is twenty-two percent higher on the ship than it is on Earth.” “What,” her eyes popped and jaw dropped! I reached down and danced my fingers across the appropriate apertures to complete the changes that would lessen the gravity. Her surprise reaffirmed that the changes in me are unexpected. I moved over to the next science station with no further thought and began tuning in what controlled life support. I responded to the heat leaving her body. A slight tweak adjusted the temperature. It was warm on the ship. Maybe Jemma-we liked the heat. Strangely— as soon as I thought about being cooler, I was. “It’s interesting,’ how I control my body.” How is it possible? No answer came. “That is why the infirmary is important,” Jemma-we responded. “We can look at your brain activity.” Although some answers were revealed to me when I wondered, some did not. The ones that did continued to give me optimism in the path I chose. The epiphanies and what I learned came from the varying hues as clues, my cells, and the silver disks in my limbs. The frequencies connected me to the ship and technology. The frequencies were in everything too. Even the cold air had color and it wasn’t white and frosty. Density in molecules created deeper shades of frequency that sparkled in the sparse particles of dust floating around the ship. “What I can see and do is amazing,” I said. Jemma-we just surveyed. “Here I thought the greatest value in being human was the ability to share time, love, and knowledge; two out of three isn’t bad.” What I know now, demonstrates how ignorant I was. I leaned back from the console. Jemma-we did not respond. The ship, however, did. The eerie silence of space accompanied strange noises in the vessel. The sounds helped boost my knowledge. I peered over the dark side of the moon and watched the Earth slowly turn. The view welcomed me— exciting and spectacular yet at the same time calming. “My knowledge was limited 24 hours ago but wow, who knew,” I responded aloud to my statement. “I’m challenged however by all these frequencies,” I said downplaying what I had access to. “With continued practice, you will actually learn what most of the frequencies around us mean, Jemma-we shared.” I listened to her watching lines of radiation stream down to earth from space already understanding the meaning. “I never would have thought frequency was a language. In me and around me, science has become bigger.” From the ghostly quiet of space, the humming sounds the ship made were loader in song, “hmm cha cha, hmm cha cha, hmm cha cha.” “Two days ago, the sounds the ship made would have been just noises to me— scary, concerning or worrisome.” I heard them differently now and understood them beyond simple hums. “That is interesting, she admitted. It is something I expected you to learn much later.” I couldn’t help but hear every click, purr, and thump the spaceship made. “It’s unusual for me to have attention to noise because I have often been annoyed by the uninviting sounds my jeep would make.” The frequencies I heard and saw on the ship were from sounds it made saying something in particular from frequency. I gazed up at my planet listening, breathing and pondering from a place I figured I’d never experience. “This Jeep is your transportation on Earth, Jemma-we asked? “Yes,” I replied. The operation of the ship was not a challenge. The sounds and color in the energy guided my understanding of it. The noises the spaceship made blended into a conversation. I would share in the conversation using both my ears and eyes. The same conversation transpired between my body and mind. Frequencies told a story in the hues around me. The conversations would change under the stresses the ship had functioning under the gravity of the Moon and Earth. I inhaled deeply and followed it with a slow shallow exhale. Standing at the console, I absorbed the peace on the bridge for a long minute. It was nothing like the pandemonium I experienced earlier. I could feel Jemma-we behind me, observing me. My shadow lay at my feet under her angelic glow. Her frequency held me in place along with her large green eyes. Captivated— her glow blended and blanketed me. “It is time we go to the infirmary, she said ending the silence.” Her unwavering tendency made her a good guide. She was right though. How has the pandemonium on Earth affected me? I looked down and canvassed the deck of the bridge. Today was my first day in space. It sprung from the chaos on Earth. I had a choice to comply with those surrounding me— or explore the extraordinary. Chapter 2, Today Early Morning I was unabashed lying on the ground with intermittent feelings emanating from the base of fear and anxiety. Ghosts surrounded me as apparitions and partially embodied misty hues. My fear and anxiety placed me into a weird state of Curiosity— I yearned for information but did not know what. Engulfed in euphoria— past memories cultivated my sensations in multiple moments in time; Relaxed— with dad’s hand firmly on my shoulder but that can’t be. Kindness— with the warmth of mom’s smile and ghostly hand on my face… but that’s impossible, Hopefulness— in hearing my parent's voices in sync, sharing my favorite Dr. Sues bedtime story. Gratefulness— in Grandpa’s kind embrace, but he wasn’t really there either. Joyfulness— as I woke in unison to every Christmas morning day. Desire— in the moment of my first kiss, which quickly took me back to anxiety and fear. I laid face up where I woke for the second time this time with numerous memories and feelings overwhelmingly rolling over me; Confidence— my fear waned. Awe— I sensed the excitement of scoring my first hockey goal. Admiration— mentally seeing teammates doing the same. Enthusiasm— in the moments of helping grandma in the kitchen for freshly baked cookies. Positivity— hearing again the words spoken by my father of the passing of my grandparents. Inspiration— remembering each pep talk grandpa gave me eye to eye. Contentment— as I relived 30 years of family holiday dinner. Amusement— laughing out loud to the fun times shared with friends and family, and of course— Love— from the combination of all my sentimental moments together. I felt needed, wanted, and appreciated— each emotion strong yet brief. It was hard to comprehend going through so many emotions. Something was changing me. On my back, boldly certain of how I felt; my eyes washed over. Maudlin and drunken in an emotional whirlwind, my watershed eyes couldn't hide the two Blackhawk helicopters circling around me. A third hovered directly above me. I could hear each individual blade as it spun and clapped in the rotation. It contributed to the powerful feelings of fear and anxiety. I was mentally subdued. While on the hard ground I wondered about my feelings and the happenings around me. I envisioned flashes of thought in strange objects, unknown images of ship corridors and the Earth in space. Strange words— words I couldn't understand. It was unusual and crazy. The new thoughts combined with past moments where emotions were prominent in my memory. I rolled to the side hands outstretched to find solace from the barrage of imagery. Blue and red lights pulsated off my surroundings. The scene hemorrhaged internal emotions. I covered my eyes with my hand to avoid the light, which contributed to the throbbing in my head. Although I had mostly positive feelings, there were a few stressful thoughts mixed in. Knots pitted in my stomach making me nauseous— as if the sudden sound of a siren was behind my Jeep. The tension left me struggling for breath. Normality slipped away. The strange goings-on were from a cause I didn’t know or understand yet. Chaos surrounded me in the blur of red and blue lights. They highlighted shadows of police and military bodies running about. My mind raced to comprehend as my eyes darted from side to side exploring— searching for the ‘why’. Yet even with all the confusion, I was less than concerned about my surroundings; my dad’s ghostly hand rested on my shoulder at times— in memory. I was anxious from the influx of thought and fearful because my body was not responding well. A man draped yellow leaned in on me with palms towards me. I used my arms to shakenly push my torso up. An amazing flash of clarity hit me as I sat, tactility returned to my limbs. “I am glad you are awake… and okay,” he spoke fluently slow and voluble but also insincere and shallow. He adjusted his biohazard hood with one hand and took my picture with the other. “You need to come… with me, he said— camera falling to his side” I had a strange awareness and sensed no danger. I refused to capitulate feeling he saw me as contrite but I wasn’t. I didn’t do anything wrong— no apology came. Suddenly an ant-like dance of colored snow visually hindered my view. I blinked heavily brushing the back of my hand across my eyes. The snow was still there. It separated us with a colorful array of muddy red hues. The vibrating red hues changed incandescently with his hands pushing towards me. With concentration, I noticed that other things around me had snowy hues as well. My immediate thought— I lost the ability to focus. He struggled with what was in front of him— he couldn’t see what I saw, constantly reaching to adjust his hood on his yellow biohazard suit. He and the others around me bleed unfocussed radiant hues. Colors emanated from everything. Whatever affected me, allowed me to see them. I had clarity and was confused at the same time. Why does he want me to go with him? Some decisions in life are a crossroad, a challenge to who we are. Today was one of them. I moved my hand through the yellow aura of a plant next to me and changed its hue to gold. “Are you coming,” he asked? My hand moved off the plant and through my aura turning shades of blue to deeper blues and deeper orange. With my hand palm-down, I pushed it forward making my aura twist out into the direction I thrust. Blue and orange funneled outward— twirling and widening like I cast a magical spell. Where’s my anxiety to the flickering lights of police; I thought to disarm the epiphany. Vibrant colors were everywhere. I had memories from childhood to just last week warm feelings as a child— safe and loved. His tone made me withdraw. I had little dignity sitting on the ground. “What, why,” I murmured, further exploring my surroundings. The park was full of government officials. The scene influenced guilt. I’m not doing anything wrong just in a place I shouldn’t be. My memories washed over me in a wave. I felt oddly connected to what I didn’t know. Curiosity accompanied the guilt— I struggled with what I should do. Where was my intuition, I wondered? I palmed my knees and squeezed— there was no pain. Insight and intuition weren’t helping me today. It’s something deeper; I alleged rubbing the stiffness from my legs. Changes were happening in my body, and I began to understand things I never knew before. A cacophony of voices erupted from troops running nearby, they weren't that close. Their weapons rubbed against their uniforms. Their steps echoed the scuffing sounds of boot soles as they worked themselves into positions of control around me. Intuition should have prepared me for the obstreperous activity. The epiphany I had was a crossroad. Choice, life always comes down to choice. Contemplating, my mind answered me. “With Destiny, we control very little,” words from my grandfather. Newly formed stone stood next to me, that wasn’t there yesterday. Looking up I immediately knew it was forty-foot tall. An extraordinarily strange object parked itself on top and over me. It flickered and flashed in reflections of red and blue. The meanings in the happenings around me were foggy but becoming clear. My mind talked to me in a way it never has with quotes I read long ago and what grandpa used to say. “Life is an adventure into the extraordinary— our place and our decision.” I felt cajoled— to blink meant missing an opportunity. All the new experiences around me added to my anxiety and fear. I was anxious to explore and feared missing it. Yesterday I felt sure I knew my purpose and it didn’t involve what existed above me on the platform of uneven granite stone. I pushed myself up, landing on my feet. Some kind of divine intervention was in me and above me— I was different. Buoyancy laced my movements. I basically floated to my feet, like angels in the wind with wings. My constitution soared. I was reborn. Multiple people in yellow suits materialized as my focus changed. The men with guns protected them, from what I wasn't sure. I’m not dangerous and knew nothing about the spaceship. The sheer thought of it, however, introduced clear images of its interior. I closed my eyes and excitedly explored the visions in my mind. I opened them to the team in yellow. All the happenings around me were in milliseconds— my mind warped time from an influx of information. Everyone moved in bright hues. I saw people in a way I had never seen them before. They moved unnaturally slow. I was processing what came to mind remarkably fast— on demand and seemingly much faster than those around me. I suddenly felt I could feel, hear, and sense everything. I squeezed my hands into fists before me. The tendons, bones, and blood made actual sounds as they closed. I could hear everything in circulation— the blood coursing my veins. I reeled back in disgust. “Okay,” I murmured, ‘that’s gross,” I’m just a regular Joe counting on my intuition for guidance, I thought. Now, magic danced around me in color from technology I still didn’t understand or know of yet. The message in the commotion and change were clear— a destiny had found me. I had to be careful about how I would respond. The multiple agents in their suits circled me talking. Muffled— their voices echoed hollow conversation. The closest one of them never lost focus pressuring me into following him. He was in charge. “You need to come out now,” he said. The rock mound held stairs to heaven I didn’t know. There the spaceship sat I sensed a calling. Do I go, or go with him? I had a choice. It made me contemplate. Where was my special-insight yesterday?   Chapter 3, Yesterday Evening “Save the world,” the millennial in me yelled. I was making my way through the park to Argento’s Sports and Grill where my friends were waiting. It was another end to a fast-paced day in the Pacific Coast. I had a passion for doing my job but time off provided an opportunity to slow down and recoup. The end of day reflection kept me sane in a crazy world. We usually frequented local places like this to debate life and solve the world’s problems, beers in hand. It was all part of the wind-down. When we debate I have often centered my position on Integrity— the high ground. It makes me excited to engage today’s negative news. Our political discussions often enable us to reflect on the daily controversy. I float in the middle politically— so pushing to the right and left is fun when it gets a rise out of my friends. From where I parked it was just a short walk to that discussion. I headed down the path wondering if I would be flummoxed by their positions. Our debates are important; because we discuss bad leaders, too much government, overwhelming greed, the economy, war, and argue about a culture of people who care nothing about one another unless the world was ending. Stretching my legs I tried to offset my aching knees. How would I step up among my friends to champion humanity? We are all vulnerable to bearing the soul— a scary notion. My righteous political leadership ended with friends. Championing integrity publically challenges powerful people. I don’t think I’m brave enough to do that— a paranoid notion. My “saving grace” is in my business. Stay hidden from the limelight in the passion of what I do and do well at work. The light of day would end soon. I was surprised by the amazing nature surrounding me. I still would have preferred to park closer. It wasn’t karma or even luck why I was there in that place— at that time. It was horrible parking in the city. Luminous orange twisted and blended in the sky like nothing I’ve seen before. In the distance, a wall of dark rolling clouds skewed the orange sky. Seen often from the coast, my intuition told me it would fall on me soon. I closed my eyes and took a big gulp of air. The hair on my head danced in a tingle in a tug of war with the wind. A cold breeze from the ocean’s edge confirmed what the clouds would bring. A chill fell over me as I made my way slowly admiring the panorama. In my brooding, an intermittent flash of light caught my attention. The flash came from the clear quartz pendant I wore. A rock I found camping at 16. It was a special reminder that I found a ‘needle’ in the middle of a national forest.” The stone was naturally shaped in the form of a single-sided ax. I watched it waiting for it to blink again but nothing happened. The light must have reflected off the glass prism inside the stone. While I walked, my knee injury from a past hockey play troubled me. I tolerated the pain in a hobble. Both ankles and lower back felt the same. Walking on the path was difficult; people probably thought I was 50 when I am really only 31. I am not over the hill, I told myself. The injuries didn’t stop me from enjoying the moment. Numerous trees and gardens lined the path I trekked. Oddly, nearby the horizon was speckled with buildings and a city populated with people bustled. In a search for relaxation; my gaze enveloped gardens, green fields, and shaded trees. I watched beams of evanescent light shoot through the leaves creating fluorescent and lambent hues. It was something I usually saw late in the evening in the mountains camping. Sparse memories in the wilderness with my family came to mind. The supernatural and magic in the colors made me feel like a kid again. I have never visited this park before. Where was everyone, I wondered. Lonely nervous-looking seagulls fluttered on and off the ground. I was fortunate to find parking where I did. It allowed me the opportunity to see this. “Was it always this desolate?” I continued to walk into the dusk. The sound of thunder rolled in the sky like bowling balls roll down an alley. In the firmament, dark ominous clouds piled up high as black scoops of ice cream spinning into a cone. The twirling mass started to expand and fill the sky. From within the darkness— clouds flickered with intense bursts of light. Suddenly, it erupted into brilliantly dancing flames in a center encompassing a fiery tenebrosity. The vortex of red and orange shades accompanied a heavy dose of crisp greens that chased the dark clouds from behind in waves. The colors flowed like deep river rapids behind it across heaven. The vibrant tones masked and surrounded the sky in perpetual motion. A miracle was cast from God and has fallen upon me from paradise. It was the aurora borealis, an unbelievable sight because I was in San Francisco. Something slowly pushed itself through the clouds. A burst of brilliant light caught my attention. It reflected off my face. My clear quartz pendant once again came to life. No longer a flicker; the rock lit up bright and blinding, strangely magnified in a phosphorescent light through my shirt. Some bizarre unseen source of energy was powering it. Mysterious light held me in place. I stood there with little time to ponder as slight pricks and tremors flooded throughout my body. The hair on my arms and head rose. Scintillation from within the cloud shimmered. With loud squalls and the pounding snap of wings, the gray seagulls all flew off. My eyes bounced around like flames on candles. The twirling mass in the sky suddenly fulminated in the zig-zag of light across the sky. It struck my pendant. Light exploded in my face in a tremendous burst. Another lightning bolt came down and hit nearby with a thump— the osculation in the ground splintered out into eight directions. From the center of the strike, the ground teetered. An object perforated the soil from beneath. The sequence of events was but a moment. Seconds turned into minutes. My life flashed before me. Lifting my hands, they were aglow, so brazen, sharp pains shot through my limbs. A glance at my watch showed it had stopped working and accurately predicted the time I would die. Boom! Another loud pop collided near me. Once again, light struck the ground. A deep thunderous rumble reverberated off my body. My muscles flexed tensely out of control. The light from my hands pulsated outward in a release of energy— dissipating. Though the light faded slowly I still felt the numbing effects. I could barely stand let alone be sure of my surroundings. The ground shook and swelled uncontrollably beneath my feet. My balance shifted from foot to foot. The minutes turned into hours because like my watch— time stopped. Crack! A bolt struck my pendant my knees gave and I fell backward, hard into unconsciousness.   Chapter 4, Nights Muddled Middle [I laid in the dark.] I awoke to a resounding voice softly speaking. “You will be fine, you will be fine.” The soft tone of her voice pulled me in and out of unconsciousness. The curls of her long hair cascaded down and bounced off my chest as she moved back and forth over me. I was physically subdued. “You will be fine,” she said again. The repetitive words appeared to become clearer at times. My head felt like it was going to explode, thumping from pulsating sounds and bright colors. “You will be fine.” My eyes had opened to a bubble of darkness where I laid— not normal darkness either. There was no light on me, and the stars were gone. “Was it a moonless night? Where am I? How long was I out?” I reached for answers. My right wrist and ankle stung of sharp pains. What is happening? I asked myself. The dark figure was kneeling over me. I could see her shadowed curves highlighted in reflections, which her shirt seemed to gather from the little light we had. Her face and body were but silhouettes. Discombobulated I slowly began to recall being in the park. I couldn’t move anything but my mouth. I tried to speak but was unable. As I laid face up, I tried to regain full consciousness but to no avail. The harder I struggled the more consternated I became. Beneath me, the ground softly shook. The vibrations compounded the pain in my concussed head— probably from where I fell. “You will be fine,” she assured. The outline of the feminine figure was the only thing visible while she manipulated both my left wrist and ankle. Shiny crystal-like disk reflected the light from outside the bubble highlighting them at the end of her fingers. I had no control of my limbs as she lifted and tugged on me to insert the disks. Although groggy, I could feel the painful wrench each time she inserted them under my skin. Countering the pain was her calming voice and long hair, which kept dragging back and forth across my chest. “You will be fine,” she continued to say. After her manipulation, sensation began to return. I was able to move my fingers but only sluggishly. Long forgotten memories flashed intensely in a whirlwind through my head. I lost focus. The slow befuddled movements exasperated the pain in my head. Now both my wrists and ankles had deep burning sensations from where she had somehow inserted the silver shiny disks. A cloud of mist echoed the night’s cold air with each desperate breath I took. “You will be fine,” the shadowed figure said for the last time. She stood and retreated up and away from me. My lips moved but I still couldn’t say anything. The fleeting glimpse of images rushed through my brain. Stalled in time with the pain, I felt the thumping vibrations in the air above me pounding hard down on top of me… when suddenly a blinding circle of light targeted where I laid. It was in reflection only and stood immobile in the distance behind my bubble of darkness. There it stayed unable to reach me. In the corner of my eyes, the new light revealed the scurrying shadows of people running around. At times, they fell behind a strange rock mound where the woman had climbed. I turned to the side to get a better look only to feel more pain and see a faint wall brightening slowly from the approaching light. The little movements I made were causing increasingly uncomfortable agony. I then recalled— lightning had struck me. I must be dying. The wall blinked on and off of faint red and blue. It was all so surreal. What was wrong with me? I just couldn’t regain any waking composure. I reached to the right where the woman withdrew. The ground escalated upward where I found a step, which wasn’t there before. Using all the will I could muster, I arose with an astounding jerk. The aggressive action amplified the burning sensation in both my wrists and ankles. The pain immensely escalated into my head. Moisture in my eyes affected my vision. The words “You will be fine,” came to mind. With that, I fell again back to the ground— unconsciousness once again.

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    Eric you have a story here that frankly I find difficult to read. You have grammar and structure errors, and some spelling mistakes. I understand that the main character has woken up from some accident? and is being surrounded by the police and military - and you've told us that something has changed in them, but what exactly?
    What purpose was having the prologue set after the main story? If anything it's more of an epilogue just put before everything else. It sets up questions that need to be answered why does he need to assemble an international crew? How did the aliens get here? What is the guide? - these things are not addressed in the main part of the story.
    You're vocabulary was pretty good.
    You need to proofread - in the second sentence "I was floundering because [of] the extraordinary role they have tasked me with [which?] is daunting and really beyond my skill set."
    "I was feeling a bit uneasy— unabashedly lying on the ground."
    What is a "base feeling"?
    "I could only guess that some maxim to exit my ordinary and explore the extraordinary brought me to this place." doesn't make sense 'I could only guess that some (general truth) [was telling me] to exit my ordinary..."
    "Breathing was irregular and a luxury I didn’t have." Is breathing not a necessity? Are you trying to make the main character sound alien? Also worded poorly - "[My] breathing was irregular and [was] a luxury I couldn't afford.
    "The scene hemorrhaged the kind of internal emotion I felt in the sudden sound of a police siren coming up from behind." Is this meant to be two separate sentences? "The scene hemorrhaged [with some] kind of internal emotion I felt. Sudden sound[s] of police siren[s] coming up from behind."?
    "The scene sparked a flood of emotion in past memories." What past memories? Whose memories?
    "I withdrew from his snarky request as his tone was an attack." Is someone speaking to the main character?
    "At a crossroad like this, these tough decisions not only define our life but can be a definition of who we are." What tough decisions are they making?
    "I was in a predicament. The multiple people engulfed in yellow biohazard suits circled around me— muffled was their voice, hollowed in the echoing of their conversation. The closest one of them continued to pressure me into a decision." again what decision is he making?
    "The granite stone mound was deeply cut into halves embracing rigid steps. It was literally a stair to heaven I did not know. At the top, the spaceship sat. Everything around me and the changes I was going through made me contemplate, where was my special insight and intuition yesterday?" How did he activate the spaceship? Was is the guide? Was it a feeling? Was it a button?

    Throughout the story you mention that he is not concerned "unabashed, contrite". So does that mean he knows what happened to him? And if so why doesn't the audience know?

    What is the inciting incident?
    What is the complication?
    Where is the rising tension?
    How is it resolved?
    Where is the conclusion? Other than 'oh I have a spaceship now.'

    Maybe I'm having one of those moments where I just can't see what is so clearly in front of me and I need someone else to point it out to me. But if not you need some serious editing/rewriting to do.
    Also your title has a typo.
    “No borders between me an space”
    Eric, I found your story too confusing and tedious to read after a few paragraphs. It seemed at times as if you were trying to use cumbersome phrases and unusual words: that seldom works in this genre and didn't here. Oddly, the second sentence Spring mentioned appeared grammatically and logically correct to me, although in the version above (which I presume you edited after Spring's comment) perhaps choosing "I'd been tasked..." rather than "I've been tasked..." would be more compatible with the other tenses in that sentence.
    You have a good vocabulary but trying to use it all can make your work stilted unless you're writing a scholarly treatise. Here, I believe you'll be more effective if you find the most straightforward way to say what you mean. I have the same problem and realize how difficult it can be to rein in your words. Write on.
    Eric, the terms 'writer' and 'work in progress' are synonymous -- only exceptions are dead writers. Nobody is too good a writer to be criticized, and nobody is unqualified to criticize. The problem with the story beginning after word one of paragraph one of page one is that many readers won't persevere to get to that delayed beginning. We all have that problem: 'How do I give the reader enough info to understand without losing shem in the process. I certainly struggle with it in all my longer works.
    Those two guys are right. This is a tough read. But it's not all bad. You can make it work. Now, consider this. "They all contributed to my two most base feelings— fear and anxiety."

    This is a bad sentence, composed of what we call "weedy words." Just as real weeds clog a garden, weedy words clog a story and make it tough to read. When a writer uses weedy words, they are usually trying to hard to get their idea across. Then the writing just gets confusion.

    Consider that sentence. Fear is an emotion every human has. It keeps us alive. It triggers the fight or flight survival instinct. It is really quite basic. Anxiety, on the other hand, is far more complex, and can be caused by a variety of emotions.

    So you have poor usage of fear and anxiety. You may want to rephrase it.

    Also, your story line is disjointed. Since you are writing in first person, you want to keep the story linear. Go from Point A to Point B, with nothing in between. I would outline this story, put the plot elements in proper order, and rewrite from there. See how it comes out.

    Let me leave you with a quote from Einstein: "Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration."
    Hey, KT: I have the 99% perspiration part down pat -- so I'm only 1% away from genius!