Zoe- My Story

Story written by Don Roble on Thursday 31, May %15

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Zoe visits Grammy and Gramps

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My Story- Zoe Mommy and Daddy decided to go on vacation. From what I don’t know. I never see them do anything to get tired. I’m a little blind but still...I heard this and got excited. I’d never gone on one, whatever it was. The three big “kids” were excited too so I thought it must be a really big deal. Then they all started talking about what to do with me while they were gone. Huh? My step-brother, a floppy eared pain in the ass, was going to be taken care of by the biggest kid’s friend. No mention of me. Okay, I’m old and mostly blind. I pee without notice. Sometimes I don’t know I’ve peed until I hear, “Zoe!” Okay, but I’m 15 years old. I have been here a long time. I deserve some respect. Then Grammy and Gramps said they’d take care of me. Ya! I like them and my Aunt Sadie isn’t a pain in the ass like my brother. She sort of ignores me. At my age that can be a blessing. They are trying to feed me Sadie’s food. I’m refusing and I’m winning. Hungry, but winning. I’m also whining a lot. Got that one? No? Okay. Sadie is okay but has no taste in food. A dog pun, get it? Well, anyway, I finally got Gramp’s to go to the store and buy my food. My goodness, the language he uses. I slept a lot the night before last and decided to stay up for a night. I was bored so I howled all night. Gramps kept putting me outside for some reason. I didn’t need to go; I needed to howl. The next morning Gramps was telling Grammy how tired he was. I went to my bed and went to sleep. We were outside today with Grammy. She was digging holes and tossing the dirt out into the yard. Well, we’d be hollered at for that. The, she put some other dirt in the hole! Then she stuck some plant in, filled the hole and reached beside her to get water for the plant. That’s crazy. We watched a while and decided to help her. After she put a plant in the ground we went over and watered it for her. Well, talk about mad. She yelled at us and ran us off. We ran all the way to the other end of the fence and chased a squirrel. Then a toad jumped up; then we jumped up, then we ran off. They placed newspaper down in the kitchen where they were holding me. That was in case I peed before they got me out or I noticed I needed to pee. I guess it was to soak it up a little as if I couldn’t move a piece of newspaper. Grammy would see it, pick up wet paper, get a mop and say, “Oh, Zoe.” What? Like you didn’t know what I was like or could do anything about it. Here I am and here I stay until Mommy and Daddy come to get me. I heard Mommy and Daddy in the room I’m blocked from. I wagged my tail as Daddy picked me up. I was really excited. Then Daddy put me in a cage and took me away. I hoped he was taking me home but I have no confidence in anything anymore. Gramps said I was welcome to stay anytime. Yea. Like I should live so long.

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  • You're back, Don! Watch out, Zoe: the needle that vet has isn't a vaccine. RIP Zoe.

    '... Gramps was tell[ing] Grammy...' Zoe knows better.

    PS Got the puns
    - June 02 2018 09:30:46
    • lol Excellent! Oh, the life of a dog!
      - June 10 2018 21:01:14