Missing Missed Things

Poem written by Dnavarre on Tuesday 8, May 2018

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I haven't done one of these in a while. Will my style still have matured?

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Dusty books in a shaded nook, unboxed and spines pressed flat. Portfolios of hallway'd places, forgotten things, and misremembered faces. I'm lost down memory lane. Signatures stain the inside panes, class windows into my past. "You're funny," "You're weird," and "Have a great summer," there are fewer well-wishes each year. I guess I forgot them, too. Open jaw as I saw, last time I looked I could remember. The highlighted names were meant to recall but reading them now I know nothing at all. Did we really look that young? As much as I fear, it's been 8 years, I would not notice them today. Twice as long out as my "best years" were in, it still feels like my life has yet to begin. This narrative doesn't really feel mine.

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    I know that feel.
    After looking at some of your earlier stuff, I think your style has indeed matured.
    The good:
    The style is enjoyable and the theme is quite relatable.
    The improvable:
    The flow is inconsistent between verses, could be improved.
    Overall a nice poem.
    Accsavious left out one thing. The imagery is superb.