The Chi Warrior Saga- Book 1

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Chance Matthews 17 year old Martial Artist finds out that there is more to him then meets the eye

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Chapter 1- A Fight Without Honor Part 1
Setting: October 25th 1999 Location: Dallas Texas  Site: Texas State Martial Arts Kumate         Chance Matthews has trained for a very long time for this tournament. He has heard that some of the best Martial Artists have gone to do great things, from movies, to TV, even been scouted for the US Olympic Team. Now this is a dream for a young man of 17 years of age. Everyone is here to cheer him on, from his parents, to his mentor and Sensei, Mr. Yomata even some of the kids from high school came out to see him win. Normally Chance, hates to compete. He is a true artist. It is the nobility of the art-form that Chance fell in love with, those 10 years ago, when he first walked in to Mr. Yomata's Dojo, but now he is here and he is excited. After getting registered and signed in, Chance is taken to the floor for the preliminaries, where after a display of skill, Chance moves on to the semi-finals. The semi-finals are held in 2 rounds. The first and second place preliminary winners are the guys to beat. Chance has won his matches with strength and power.   Chance is waiting in the wings, backstage watching the tournament competitors sparring their hearts out.  One by one the contestants are getting eliminated.  They are dropping like flies, all due to one guy and that's Patrick Ryder.  Chance has already done his best and faced some  pretty tough opponents, but nothing compares to what he is about to face.  Patrick is a monster in the ring, a real beast.  He doesn't let up. Patrick is quick and light on his feet. As Chance studies Patrick, his  mentor and teacher, Sensei Yomata walks up to him and places his hand on his young students shoulder.   "Your studying way to hard Chance. You are looking for the wrong things, " Sensei Yomata says "What do you mean Sensei?" Chance questioned "You are trying to find what you can see, but you need to be looking for what you don't see." Sensei Yomata says pointing at Patrick then continues. "There are things that Patrick is doing that is keeping him open for attacks, but the other fighters are not seeing it. Look there. See beyond Patrick's aggression.  There is a wide open hole right there, you can get some good points if you put your focus on his left side, because he favors his right.  Block his right attacks and go after his left side.  His response on that side is slower and weaker and you will win Chance. Stay in his left side field of vision. That is it. I need to return to the stands. Good luck my young dragon," Sensei says As his Sensei walks away Chance turns and bows.  With something like a sixth sense, Chance's Sensei turns and bows right back.  As the final bouts are finishing up, Chance can't help but think that this win will take him over the top.  Unbeknownst to Chance, there is someone else there that has been watching him.   "OK  Ladies and Gentlemen, Thank you for staying for the final rounds of the semifinals. Our final round of competition will begin shortly. Chance Matthews, style of Shaolin KungFu and WuShu vs. Patrick Ryder, style of Ryuken Karate.  The final round will commence in 15 minutes. Fighters please report to staging area 1 for weigh in and judging overview," The announcer over the loudspeaker says. Chances turns around and walks to staging area 1, where he is supposed to be for weigh in. Upon entering the staging area, he looks over and there is Patrick glaring at him, eyes red with aggression and rage. "Keep calm Chance. He is trying to frighten you. You mustn't let him in your head," Chance keeps telling himself.  "Now men, thank you for coming over so quickly.  Let's get you weighed in. Please approach the scales."  The head judge says. Patrick walks up to his and Chance does the same.  "186lbs. even for both of you.  Great, you can step down." The head judge says.  After Chance and Patrick step off the scales, the head judge says,  " Now, here is, how it's going to go down. Points will be awarded for successful hits to the body, legs, and the sides of the head. No face or groin contact will be tolerated. For each infraction you will get a point deducted from your score.  The total number of points after 3 rounds, will win the tournament.  I want to see a clean and fair fight. Is that understood?"  Chance says, " Yes, sir."  and Patrick just stays silent, all the while giving Chance the evil eye.  "If you will both follow me to the ring and you will meet the ring official." The head judge says and he guides the two young men to the ring.   Patrick grabs the collar of Chance's GI and puts him against the wall. "I am going to win this. The title and the prize money are mine. You cannot beat me. Your style has no place in competitive tournaments. It is meant for old people to perform in parks on a Sunday afternoon." Patrick says "That is where you are wrong Patrick.  My style is current and relevant for today.  If you think you are going to win, then try as hard as you can to beat me, but watch out Patrick, I may surprise you. Now let me go. I have a match to win. " Chance says. The head judge turns around and sees Patrick letting go of Chance's collar and asks, "Is there a problem gentlemen?" "No Sensei." They both say with a bow. The rest of the walk was uneventful. Over his shoulder Patrick is trying to psych Chance out, but Chance is having nothing of it. He just keeps his head forward and follows the head judge. When the both get to the ring, Patrick enters and goes over to the left corner and Chance enters and goes to the right.  There are stools positioned in the two corners for the combatants to rest upon, while waiting for the final match to begin.  The auditorium lights dim and the lights on the ring come on and the curtain goes up.  The announcer enters the ring and grabs the mic, "Ladies and Gentlemen, if I can direct your attention to the center ring.  In this corner, we have Chance Matthews, style of Shoalin KungFu and WuShu weighing in at 186 pounds and this corner Patrick Ryder, style of Ryuken Karate also weighing in at 186 pounds.  Let's give both of these young men a round of applause for getting to this, our final event for this evening." The auditorium erupts in loud cheering.   Chance and Patrick both get up and approach the ring official.   "You have heard the rules, points are scored on the body, legs and the sides of the heads. Face and groin are prohibited. First one to 75 points is the winner.  This is 3 round match.  You will have a liberty of one 2 minute time out per round. Now shake hands and let round one begin," The ring official states. Chance puts out his hand and Patrick just stares at it. So Chance just bows.  Chance and Patrick return to their respective corners to await the starting bell. "Ring Ring," the bell goes off and Patrick is up and on his feet faster then you can count to ten.  Patrick is going after the same aggressive stance that he did in the semi's. Chance however, is playing a different game. Chance is blocking all the attacks that Patrick is throwing at him.  None of Patrick's attacks are landing where they should go. Chance is connecting all of his.  Chance scores point after point.  After a well placed spinning side kick to Patrick's ribs, the bell rings and Chance and Patrick return to their corners. The announcer comes back to the mic, "After round one, Chance is in the lead with the first set of 25 points and takes the round. Let's give these men another round of applause." The auditorium erupts with cheering. "Now on to round two," The announcer says The same thing happens again and Patrick is trying his aggressive  approach again, but this time he is being sneaky. He tries to fake Chance out, but Chance sees right through him.  As quick as lightening, Chance goes on the offensive and starts to counter all of Patrick's punches and kicks.  Chance places an upper-cut to Patrick's mid-section and Patrick goes flying back, the wind is knocked out of him.  The bell rings and the round is over.   "Another spectacular round gentlemen. Don't you agree folks?" The announcer questions the attending audience, then continues "Chance wins another round with another set of 25 points, so his total is at 50, where Patrick's hard hitting has scored him no points.  Let's move on to our 3rd and final round." Sneaky Patrick has one last trick of his sleeve, to put Chance off his game.  While the ring official's back is turned, Patrick has taken out what he has hidden in his Gi jacket. A pair of concealed finger spikes.  Chance doesn't see this either, because he is reveling in the fact that he is far enough ahead that he could coast the rest of round 3 and still win. Chance has got a battle ahead of him. Out of the corner of Chance's eye he catches the glint off the finger spikes. Chance gets up and walks over the the ring official.    "Chance, is there something the matter?" The ring official questions. "Actually there is. There is something going on over in Patrick's corner, that I think needs to be investigated. I will be using my 2 minute time out. I suspect unsportsmanlike conduct." Chance says. "Time out!" The ring official  calls out "You can't do that! The round has not started yet." Patrick exclaims.  "Actually, I can Patrick, if a competitor thinks that his opponent is doing unsportsmanlike conduct, he is allowed to call a time out to have the matter investigated. So if you want to keep on going and not get disqualified hand over the finger spikes and we will continue, " Chance says. "What finger spikes? I do not have any finger spikes." Patrick says "Then what is on your hands?" Chance questions and Patrick takes an aggressive approach, because Chance can see right through Patrick's cheating. "I'm going to get you for this." Patrick says and tries to jump kick Chance in the face.  However Chance, sweeps  Patrick's back leg out from under him and sends Patrick down to mat below.   "Patrick Ryder on the account of unsportsmanlike conduct, and bringing a weapon to a unarmed tournament, you are disqualified.  Chance is the Texas State Martial Arts Kumate Light Weight Champion. The announcer comes on the mic," After a upsetting turn of events folks, Patrick Ryder has been disqualified for unsportsmanlike conduct and cheating and will not be able to continue the 3rd round.  Chance Matthews is declared the winner." Chance approached the announcer and asked for the mic, "Ladies and Gentlemen, please take your seats, this match will continue.  If there is someone here, girl or guy, that's wants to help me win fair and square, please approach the ring." A couple of the eliminated  participants come forward. "I'll fight you." a blond haired guy with a red Gi says "It would be an honor to fight you." a raven haired girl with a purple Gi says.   Chance approaches the raven haired girl. "Will you fight with honor?" Chance asked "Yes, I fight with honor." the girl answers "Then what is your name?" Chance asked "Michelle Xi, style of also,  Shoalin KungFu." Michelle states "Well then prepare. I will half my points down to 25 and give the other half to you. We will start round 3 with a tie." Chance says turning to the ring official, "Is this OK with you?"  "There is nothing in the rules, that state for this, I will have to consult with my fellow officials." The ring official states After a few moments the ring official comes back after consulting with his colleagues and states, " We will allow the match to continue." "Good then it is settled." Chance says. "Michelle? Get in here and prepare to give these people the show that they have been looking for. I normally do not fight girls, so this is going to be fun." "I'm not going to easy on you Chance." Michelle said "Either will I Michelle." Chance replied End of Part 1

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  • Welcome, Chance. MA stories aren't usually on my list, but here are a few typos I picked up. You need to proofread this and probably have somebody else do so also -- I'm much better at finding errors in the writings of others than in my own. If your intended audience is MA enthusiasts, OK, but if you want a more general readership this beginning may be far too long -- it is for me.
    '... more to him (then) [than] meets the eye' then refers to time
    '... have gone [on] to do great things,...'
    '... Sensei, Mr. Yomata [some punctuation needed here] even some of the kids...'
    '... Normally [,] Chance (, no comma here) hates to compete.' (As an aside, this doesn't make sense to me: if he doesn't like to compete, what does he like about MA - kicking air? Maybe you meant in contests or organized matches, but I didn't get that.)
    '... "(Your) [You're] studying way to hard [,] Chance.'

    Edit and proofread. Write on.
    - March 02 2018 21:30:31
    • Okay, chance, you do need a good edit on his story.

      Now, you have a good plot, but here is the issue. You use a lot of passive verbs. You want to use active verbs; it is, after all, an action story. I would go back thru this writing and make those changes.

      Also, I would trim this and rewrite it as two chapters. Chapter one; the competition.

      Chapter two, the attack at home.

      Chapter three, the conversion of Patrick and the meeting with evil.
      - April 14 2018 03:26:16