Leave Me Be

Poem written by aSin on Thursday 15, February 2018

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No matter how I say it you never hear me....so now I'll write it and maybe you can understand

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Just leave me be, Just let me go. There's nothing left I need to know. You're still the same selfish man I knew you to be, No I'm telling you one last time, Just let me be. You had me before and I begged you to stay, Now that I'm moving on, You're coming back my way? I've told you before and I'll scream it till I die, Leave me alone, I no longer want to live your lie. If you're unhappy and unsatisfied with your life, That's no longer my problem, Go confront your wife. You just had a baby and yet here you are still? My goodness you are truly overkill. I no longer wish to be hidden, No longer wish to be pushed aside. I'm going to make myself happy now, And I no longer care if it hurts your pride. You're an arrogant asshole, You want everything for yourself, But my dear sweetheart, There's a special place awaiting you in hell. I want nothing more to do with you, I want never to see your face. Don't take these words lightly. You are the epitome of failing grace. Go away from my life, Go away from my home, There's nothing left for you here, You are now on your own. I wished you the best and yet you still didn't listen, Now sweetheart let the tears glisten. I have nothing left for you, You took every bit the day you left. I gave you it willingly, I never considered it theft. Now you try again to enter my world, Now you try to cross my path, I'm tired of yelling now, If you don't leave me be then you'll feel my wrath. Go away from here, Get away from me, You made your choice before. You are no longer welcome in my life. I havr finally closed this door.

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    The quality is very uneven. Some is very good and some is looking for a line. Read it out loud and see how it sounds.
    My standard poetry disclaimer. I'm rather old fashioned when it comes to poetry: I actually favor Poe, Marvel, Coleridge, and the Roberts Frost and Service, to give you some idea. To me, even free verse should have a flow and rhythm when read aloud to distinguish it from spoken prose. That said, Don nailed it. The contrast between the first and second stanzas read aloud is so great they could have been written by different writers. The rest is up and down also.
    As an aside, somebody's spending way too much time on someone allegedly left behind.
    I have always enjoyed your poetry, but this one seems a little rough. Maybe come back in a bit and take a second look?