Short Shorts

Story written by AlexScribe on Sunday 31, December 2017

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A counter to those who have rudely suggested I tend to be verbose

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Thoughts on Realizing that the Timer You just Triggered on Your Bomb is set in Seconds rather than Minutes [1 word -- I don't count titles] Ooops... Epitaph [5 words] Second Baddest Man in Town. Leroy Brown’s Epitaph [8 words] Second Baddest Man in the Whole Damn Town. Another Reason not to ReTweet before reading all the followups [25 words] AncestryResearchLab @AryanNationBabe Ethnic analysis DNA sample 20170619-43 follows by email. Thrilled to report you’re tenth great-granddaughter George Washington RT @AncestryResearchLab AncestryResearchLab @AryanNationBabe Carver. RT @AncestryResearchLab Advanced Math [40 words] As Andy insisted the hole was deep enough for the loot cousin Frank shot him, saying, “Rather split three-ways than four.” I swung my shovel, muttering, “Two’s better.” The last thing I heard was uncle Burt behind me whisper, “One...” Family Dynamics [23 wds] “Not me,” she whimpered, “Why not kill him?” “Can’t,” I replied, aiming carefully, adding imprecisely, “Our daughter might need more bone marrow someday.”

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    I posted this earlier and it disappeared.

    If Rob sees this he will object to you writing humor. I do.

    I loved the Advance Math. What an ending it would make for a story.
    Your verbosity has never been an issue, Scribester. We all love your lengthier stuff, It just means we read one posting per night instead of seven (& rudeness was never a factor in the 'mentioning'; you think too much. Man Cave disciplinary hearing for you Al).

    I don't object to Al writing humour, Don (no self-respecting Englishman would spell that word wrong). Though I do think you should change 'Advanced Math' to advanced Meth. I misread the title and thought it was brilliant. reminded me of the hit TV show 'Breaking Bed'.

    Very, very different, Al; but very good.
    Rob, when did you become a "self-respecting Englishman?"

    Alex, I don't want you to thinking I am jealous in any way. Funny is funny no matter who writes it .I just think that you were trying to horn in on Rob and me. Well, maybe "horn in" isn't a wise choice of words.
    Hey guys, thanks for reading. I'll try not to 'horn in' on anyone's literary turf -- just send me notarized copies of your deeds and there'll be no overt trespassing. And, Don, I've always found 'self-respecting' to be the quickest and easiest way to get any; maybe Rob also discovered that. Rob, still working on 'Advanced Meth' -- a title in search of a text. Best to both of you and yours in the new year. Keep writing & keep us laughing.
    lol Quite good. Loved it. Oh, and I do not think you are verbose.