Dear Present Self

Poem written by aSin on Wednesday 6, December 2017

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Pain changes a person, sometimes they need to be reminded of what they were so they can return

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Dear present self, I know you’ve been hurt, I know how you’ve cried, I know how much you felt like you wanted to die. I know some time has passed and here are some things I hope you do, For dear present self; I am worried about you. I know the pain has been unbearable, And it felt like no one understood, I know you tried to hold your head high, And wear that smile as best you could. I want you to remember these words I say to you, For dear present self; life misses the old you. I hope in the near future you remember how it felt to truly laugh, How it felt to let you hair down and not make everything a task. I hope you unearth that smile the world has missed, For Oh that smile how it shone of such bliss. Dear present self, I hope you let go of the pain that’s keeping you back, I hope you stop thinking that there was something you lacked. I hope you remember what it felt like to live, And that your life is worth much more than he could ever give. I know the heartache still feels very real, It’s the reason you gave up your ability to feel. Please know he was never worth your pain and sorrow, For the words are true, “only a coward awakens love in woman and does not follow”. He hurt you more than words can explain, For tears like that, no one can feign. I hope you learn to understand, That he truly was never a “real man”. He opened up a love inside of you, You gave him the pieces through and through. He swore he’d find a way to make it work, In the end he turned out to be much more than a jerk. Dear present self, I implore you to listen to me, Please allow yourself to be set free. These chains you have put around your heart, Have been damaging you right from the start. You are worth so much more and deserve the best, Trust me I understand this was so much more than a test. Please give yourself the opportunity to love again, Please don’t hide yourself from the world, Oh what a travesty it would be for people to not meet such a girl. Dear present self, I want you to know that it’s ok to cry, It’s ok for you to still ask “why?” But I wish for you to stop thinking of him, Please stop waking up and starting each day with memories so grim. I know you’ve tried to remember the good times and how they made you feel. But Oh my darling girl, it was never real. He played on your good nature, He fooled your loving heart, He knew exactly what he wanted from you right from the start. Dear present self, Please don’t condemn the world for what he inflicted on you, For the world thrives off people as loving as you. You loved the wrong one beyond boundaries, Right from the start. Imagine what that heart can give to the right one when he crosses your path. My dear present self, please listen to my plea, Please remember who you use to be. Please come back and stop shying away, For my darling girl, the world loves you and wants you to stay.

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    "please listen to my plee," - You need "plea" here

    A bit of a sad poem, but hopeful at the end. Nicely written and structured. Good job.
    My standard poetry disclaimer. I'm rather old fashioned when it comes to poetry: I actually favor Poe, Marvel, Coleridge, and the Roberts Frost and Service, to give you some idea. To me, even free verse should have a flow and rhythm when read aloud to distinguish it from spoken prose. A lot of your poem did, but some lines including the following were rough to me:

    'For Oh that smile how it shone of such bliss.'
    'I hope you stop thinking that there was something you lacked.'

    As for the message, I can only say that I hope 'darling girl' pays attention. Remember: "That which doesn't kill me makes me stronger." Experience is the soil and the fertilizer for writers. Learn and grow. And write.
    Thank You both for the advice. The changes shall be made to the wording accordingly.
    I know some of the lines were a bit rough as you stated but I typed as it came to mind.
    As for "Darling girl" learning her lesson... i hope she does.