Story written by ewenart on Monday 4, December 2017

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Scotland is Alba... an ancient country!

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Some know that “Alba” is ‘Scotland’... in some minds, they are one and the same, as our own history can readily confirm. While individuals continue to evolve, of course, then so must their countries - spiritually and, over millennia, geographically! Evolutions are evident over time... sometimes gradually, sometimes, incredibly rapidly. Who can seriously declare when each evolution's phase has concluded? Ultimately, there comes a time when people feel they can look back at certain ages and declare that it was one or another 'age': like the 'Jitterbug age' or the highlight of another one? In this year of 2017, many Scottish citizens are consciously aware of the highlights, or otherwise, in our present political era: almost everything points towards Scotland's independence being regained. Our people are equally aware of how biased the mainstream media is! It's almost impossible to find elements which reflect positively on our Scottish government... people who are legally obliged to pay for their Television Licence are actually funding propaganda on their own television screens?! The present situation differs entirely from the much less ready/prepared Scottish Referendum in 2014! I'm a member of our SNP, so, I'm obviously biased in my attitudes. I'm comfortable in saying that, after all, who wants to be a member of unquestioning political parties? Perhaps that has been a large part of the problem with the so-called 'U.K.'? Now that I've confessed my inclinations, I'll resume aiming to be as honestly practical as I can be. Everyone is freely open to persuasion. We are equally free to agree or disagree with whatever a given politician may propose - that is an essential element of a healthy political system. We can't ignore the opposite scenario, though! That goes without saying, and it is taken as an unspoken outlook of real political honour. I'd be silly to predict what will come to pass in the near future... and it's understandable that our better politicians are careful about what our electorate hear from them! There are many difficulties/possibilities just now, let alone what may be coming to the fore before too long. From our Scottish Gaelic: "sin mar a tha e " / 'that's the way it goes, that's life!' ~ which feels easier than attempting Latin phrases! Well, without trying to stretch my writing, or bilingual abilities much more, I will simply say, bye, for now, Ewen

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    This seems misplaced as a story when it appears to be an essay. The punctuation is in places odd to me, but perhaps that is common in Scottish English. ('Scottish English' seems like an oxymoron, but I don't know how else to say it.) I'm not sure of your point, other than you seem to want a Scotland independent of the Brits: as an American, I can understand that. I assume your essay would make more sense to your own countrymen, and if that is your intended audience, right on!
    I agree with Alex. I think this is an essay, or, even, an editorial.
    Not really story.