The House of Ashimbabbar

Poem written by AlexScribe on Saturday 2, December 2017

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Where my demons reside

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The House of Ashimbabbar Selene, full-bloom, in legend reigns o'er all things wicked, weird, and wanton; sans wink, as Evil roams unfettered, Sin above smirks down on sin beneath while man's nightmares keep Men awake. Yet I have ever met my Monsters in the house of Ashimbabbar, where Ashtoreth slinks burkha-clad as ancient starfire's weak deceit leaves cats and even owls to squint. Black on blackness, whispers in shadows, ofttimes sensed though seldom glimpsed, through Elysian mindfields surreal blind Terrors stalk me always by the Dark of the Moon.

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    This took me a few reads to enjoy. It has grown on me every time I read it through, though.

    "Yet I have ever met my Monsters" I feel like you should pick either"yet" or"ever"for this line, not both.
    All in all, I enjoy it.
    Actually, it has a feel of some of Lovecraft's poetry. I enjoyed it, and it had a delicious, dark feeling to it.
    Wow, KT: a comparison to Lovecraft! Made my year. I grew up (allegedly) a few miles from his home and went to school within a mile of it, so he was kind of my hometown hero.