The Elm Tree

Poem written by Greg on Thursday 16, November 2017

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Our dreams have always been inspired by nature

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Beneath the old elm tree On swaying shoulders green, Tumbles and tallows Her pale, golden shadows Of long ago summer's dream. Lament now, old elm tree, Upon first tumbling leaf. Crossing solstice moons, Mother's breath renews, Such bittersweet reverie

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    This reads fairly well, but left me confused: what planet has three moons and elm trees?
    The words flow but what the hell are you talking about?
    Since the poem hints at the changing of seasons; the thoughts of what summer will bring and the onset of autum... i was referring to the 3 lunar phases that would occur during the summer months.
    Thanks for your feedback Alex.
    I liked this. Very nostalgic. Like an old person looking back on their life and the passage of seasons.