Haiku written by Routh on Saturday 23, December 2006

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My second haiku....

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An open casket, A woman crying softly, The snow falls slowly...

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    Nice imagery, Chris. And the placement in nature and time works really well. I enjoyed it.
    I really like it but i feel like something's missing....
    it is a gentle death. snow has always seemed cold, but also gentle. Its peaceful but sad at te same time. I really like it
    I feel like the harshest critic here, haha Pfft Not that I didn't think it was good, but it is missing that special something that might push it from a great haiku to an excellent haiku.
    I like it, but I agree with Tsyni in that it is missing something that would take it to the next level. Smile
    The thing that's midding is "plot" in a sense, the lines don't go together.
    It sets a mood, with the snow falling slowly it sets the mood of extreme calm, the calm of death perhaps, the woman is a symbol of what was left behind. Simple yet meaningful to the individual. As for the other comments - I would agree except in 17 syllables I don't see how to explain any more.