Purse Snatcher

Poem written by SomeLowLife on Friday 15, December 2006

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The Junkie Limbo

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In the midst of a busy street Resides a thin man Hunting for fresh meat There's a lack of smack Within his veins Feeling desperate, getting sick Hoping for a panacea That will cure him quick A sinister idea crosses his mind When he spots an elderly woman Walking slowly, trailing behind He quickly closes the gap Feeling reckless, getting sick Hoping to god He pulls this off slick The man sprints by her Snatching her purse She screams, "Thief!" The whole ordeal Remained surprisingly brief Feeling brazen, getting sick Hoping like no other He doesn't trip To our anti-hero's dismay There was a vigilante In the crowd that day Who was in great shape It seemed Mr. Junkie Was not likely to escape Before he was caught He opened the purse What he saw Couldn't have been worse For all that was confined Was a buck sixty-nine

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    Very well described and neutrally written, the addict is portrayed as much a victim as the old lady. Nicely done.