Limerick written by Mythbhavd on Wednesday 13, December 2006

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I was picking on a kid in class today who loves to write poetry and stories (good ones)... and he talks...A LOT! This was just a quick limerick made up on the spot.

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There once was a boy named Jareth Who lived in Waynesboro Parish He talked all the time In Rhythm and Rhyme And his writings were always quite garish.

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    Nicely done, basic yet good rhythm and flow. Not bad for being made up on the spot.
    I agree. Very nice for on the spot work
    Nice work, but Jareth and Parish? savage_cushions would never approve.
    You read my mind Tsyni ! However, yes, it flows beautifully
    I'd have to say... good job! But you can expect me to write something about you in the future!Smile