History: But Not Quite The Way It Was (Extended)

Poem written by pirate60 on Tuesday 2, May 2017

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A time in American history... sort of

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History: But not quite the way it was Hey there Ben. I think your nuts, For flying a kite in the rain. Don’t you think you should come inside? Or people will call you insane. It’s OK George, for you should know, I’m a scientist and a man. I have a theory about electricity, And this kite is part of my plan. Look way up into this stormy sky. You see that lightning bolt? I’ve placed a key upon my string, To quantify a Volt. I know you Ben as a man above men, A visionary through and through. But I’m a bit concerned you see, About that dark cloud right over you. The wind is blowing hard, I see, And the trees are bending west. Wouldn’t it be safer Ben, To come inside and rest? I thank you George for your concern, But this I have to do. I cannot rest for life is short, And this I must see through. Up my kite it rose up high, Thrashing to and fro. I felt the hairs stand upon my arms, And thought to myself, Uh Oh! Flash, Boom, Pow, the lights went out. And knocked me on my can. With bright eyes George came running, Crying, “Way cool Ben! You da man.” I have to admit I was shaking. My heart going pitter-patter. But I was still alive and breathing, And for me that’s all that mattered. I got up off my rump, To look for my poor old kite. When George and I, we both looked up, At a most unusual site. Blazed across the stormy sky, A warning of impending fright. It read in electrified letters, “The British are coming tonight.” [Pirate chuckles]

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    I didn't chuckle. I laughed. Out loud. Smile
    Thanks KT. I must admit this expanded version of which I'm looking for an illustrator to render as a kids bedtime book, made me laugh too. The alternate history theme intrigues me and I may try to do several more in this fashion.