Giving up

Poem written by SirSludge on Thursday 30, March 2017

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Giving up

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I walk a line, that's thin. Between apathy and despair. I fight a battle I can't win. Finding it much harder to care. Everything important rots. Meaninglessness shrouds my mind, covers it in darkened thoughts. Blocking the light, it leaves me blind. The fire holds at bay the cuts and scars of this world cruel. It keeps the pain away. It burns with stability, my soulles fuel. I crave the feelings relinquished. Holding an empty urn. My hope and will extinguished, because ash doesn't burn.

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    I like the AB AB form you used. Had a nice feel to it. Looking forward to reading some more of your work
    "It burns with stability, my soulles fuel." - Here I think what you wanted to say is "my soul's fuel."

    Good job. As the title says it is about giving up and I liked the way you portrayed the process of fighting a futile battle, to lead me at last to that feeling of defeat with the conclusion of the poem.
    Very good poem. the flow is good and the imagery of the battle within very vivid. Looking forward to see more. Smile