Stand Tall

Rap written by Shawldancer24 on Saturday 4, March %7

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I wrote this during the fight against the Dakota Access Pipeline and embracing your inner strength even when it seems like you are fighting a war you may not win in the world and within yourself

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Now listen here to what I have to say, life cannot be forever this way. I'm the one to know for I've been down low anxiety is constantly throwing its blows. Making me think about what to say in a thousand ways, trying to please each and every face. When I'm losing my own in a deep black hole. Now listen here to what I have to say, not everything is going to stay the same. Yes it will be good and it will be bad, it”s all about the time that we have. I sat and I hid for far too long, hiding in fear for the judging to be had. I love the world yet its just turned so black, we have to bring the color back. Everyone gets so buried in their shell, all of their voices just get drowned out. Now listen to what I have to say, we have to make this a better place. We are all scared out of our minds. We're letting this control our fates. We have to make a stand and plant our feet. We have to stand tall and grow like trees, stretching our branches so far and wide, embracing ths big blue sky. Now listen here to what I have to say, we can finally make a change. It does not and will not be this way, we can make it so we have brighter day. We can make the pain go so far away. Time is just an illusion to prove that we're getting by but this is not a true life. Now listen here to what I have to say, we have to embrace whats deep inside. That's the where the true power resides. Our souls are unbreakable. Our strength is explainable. Use for good, use it for right, and we will survive this very night.

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  • Okay, I know this is a rap, and, being old, I am not up on the latest in hip-hop.

    I think you need some paragraph breaks and more punctuation to impart the sense of rhythm that rap utilizes.
    - June 02 2017 00:03:57