Irreversible Melancholy

Poem written by Nurwanti on Thursday 8, December 2016

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It is not a summer time sadness poem; only a regret after leaving

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This intangible feeling After your leaving My humanity, reached the maximum scale of grieving Like a beautiful doomed Fear so much of losing control Everything slipping and rolling through your fingers Sends chills down my spine; still lingers I can't get away Laying down, falling for a long doomsday Lost for words All the memories are flashing like an old movie It speaks to me, Put me into another world Sucked into a black hole A magnetic dipole

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    Wow, that's so deep and I like it! The imaginary that you use really brings the emotions and the rhythm is cool. It just flows effortlessly.
    Superb! Your writing is very rhythmic. I'd say I could feel the melancholy side here
    Thanks @FenyFDewi . Well, what do you think about the diction?
    I am flattered @Shane. Do you have any suggestion to improve my writing skills?
    You really tried to put good dictions on this poem which is great. Exploring the feeling you have, I can tell
    I waited. For all u write. @nurwanti

    Happy birthday to you.

    My hope you can reach your hope and hopefully there i am.
    Seems like a bit of free verse here. Very abstract. Good job.