Limiting the Usage of Social Media

Essay written by Nurwanti on Tuesday 6, December 2016

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Social media has become a trend since human need to share some information or ideas they create and to interact in wider range of time and place. Each of social media has its own unique features that make people have more than one social media account. These are why people use social media in their daily lives. Some people might use it rarely, but some people use it often. They really care about their social media account as if they do not have real social life. This act would gradually damage their real social life. In the name of era, people tend to have many social media and use the virtual network in daily life. They have many social media accounts because they have to follow the trends. Following trend is needed by someone to be accepted in some social groups. It leads someone to keep updating their ideas or information, such as newest activities they do, new places they visit, or meeting with some friends of theirs. Thus, they become active to update their recent activities in their social media. Nowadays, people are updating every single of their activities in social media. It could be seen as a now common phenomenon when some people hanging out, they keep busy with their smartphones. They update the activities of hanging out in some cool places with the famous food in town. They don’t talk to each other as hanging out is supposed to be. In addition, they care too much to their social media accounts. They access it almost in every single time. They also bring their gadget everywhere they go. People stick to their gadget in term of keep accessing their social media accounts. When it comes to that condition, they become anti-social in their real life. Social media addict would be the next thing that happens to people if updating every single thing becomes a habit. It would turn someone to be active in their cyber world, but passive in the social life. They would not care about the real environment around them. They only care about the newest activities they do or newest information they could get. They would have no social skill, like knowing someone’s emotion through their expressions or how to response things someone’s talking about. This lack of social skills leads people damaging their own real social life. Communication and information needs lead someone to have more social network. With the good features of social media, people tend to keep their accounts updated. When it reaches every time and everywhere updating their accounts, it would turn someone to become addicted to their social media accounts. The addiction turns someone to be careless of the world around them, becomes anti-social, and surely gives bad damages to their real social network. It would be better if the social life is undergone in balance.

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    I agree with you statement "They really care about their social media account as if they do not have real social life" (first paragraph). It happens around me. Most of people that I met tends to use social media intensively. Even when they're hanging out, they keep busy with their smartphones updating their activity. Maybe they have been addicted by social media.
    There are, however, people who make a living through social media. Don't you think generalizing and entitling them to have no real social life is a bit unfair somehow?
    I like it! You tell the readers in detail and complete way. Your idea is real phenomenon that is happening around us.
    Well, are you the one who categorized as their group? Or the other way around?
    Actually, why I am writing this essay because I also experienced what you have experienced where my friends busy socializing with their social media rather than with their friends in the real world. Worse, most all my friends behave so. Well, how about you and your friends?
    do you think so? well, what I'm trying to say is those people who always busy with their social media even when they're hanging out with their friends in the real world,,they like building a wall that separates their self with others.. it's like they overlook the real social interaction around.. and that's what makes them have no real social life @risuta
    thanks. @YukeYovrinda
    to be honest, when I get together with my friends and sometimes I was doing the same thing; busy with my social media... maybe this happened because all my friends were busy with their own social media too. Well, How about you? whether you are included in the same group?
    Perhaps, I'm not really addicted like the others. When my friends and I get together, I don't want to waste my time to do such an activity because it's rare to meet each other.
    I wanna share my experience. I often got a little bit mad because some of my friends didn't really pay attention when I was talking to them. Immediately, I'm being silent or sometimes I just went to somewhere to make them realize. Do you ever have any experience like that?
    This shows which side you stand. And it is, in my opinion, to be balanced on both. To be honest, it is a safe answer. But deep inside, which one do you prefer? To live with or without social media?
    A good essay. You raise some valid points. I would structure it a bit differently, but, other than that, not bad.