My story, Your story, and Ours.

Sonnet written by seventhson on Monday 5, December 2016

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Start making your own story of life.

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I feel grateful having you by my side I can't ask for something more meaningful Together we are full of pride The days we have enjoyed are priceless To time we swear To me, life without your presence is meaningless To me, only you to take care Let us make a never ending story Write it in the text I never regret or feel sorry I wonder what is next?

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    Good poem with proper rhymes, but I feel a bit odd when it comes to short line and suddenly a long one. I just wonder a good poem should have a same long line or not?

    It seems to me that you missed a little grammar, try to change "in my side" with "by my side" Smile

    Thanks, mate. I have revised the grammar issue.
    and... about your question whether a good poem should be in the same long line or not, well, I don't know either. But, when the short line can deliver what you want to say it's okay, I guess. I am not a pro poem writer, mate. I just enjoy combining the short line and long line. In addition, it is the way for me to match the rhyme. If you have any further suggestion, I'd love to hear it. Ty. Smile
    Quite lovely. Maulanaray hit the errors.