Children: Learning English Through Songs

Essay written by Nurwanti on Monday 5, December 2016

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A short essay about the song as a medium of learning and teaching English to children.

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Children are good learners. Children could catch new information so fast. Through seeing and hearing the information, children record the things. Then, they duplicate what they have just got, and they apply it in daily life. Thus, songs could be one of learning media for kids. Through songs, children would hear then record the songs in their brain. If they really like the songs, they would try to sing along with the songs. This method could be applied in language learning. Language learning, especially English, would help children easier to learn new things. Children could start to learn language through English children songs. In English children songs, children learn name of simple things. It could be found in ‘Hickory Dickory Dock’ and ‘Old McDonald Had a Farm’ song. In those songs, children could find name of same animals like ant, mouse, cat, dog, elephant, cow, pig, duck, etc. Also, children could learn name of parts of human body in ‘Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes’ song. Through English children songs, they could get some simple expressions. ‘Itsy-bitsy Spider’ song is one of the examples. ‘Itsy-bitsy’ is an expression to describe super tiny thing. Another example is If You’re Happy and You Know It song. Children could copy the movement like ‘Say, Horay!’, ‘Clap your hands!’, and ‘stomp your feet!’. In English children songs, they could learn about pronunciation of English. Most of English children songs are easy to sing for children. The songs use rhymes verse and repeated words in the lyrics. That would make children easier to remember some repeated words and copy the words. ‘Twinkle-Twinkle Little Star’, ‘The Wheels on the Bus’, and ‘Row Row Your Boat’,, and many other songs are the examples of easy-to-sing-songs. Children would sing along with the songs, so they would gradually learn how to say some things in English. Spelling things is the next matter that children could learn English through English children songs. ‘A-B-C Song’, “S-A-N-T-A’, and ‘BINGO’ songs are the examples of songs for children spell name or things. It would lead children to spell some things or names in English alphabet after hearing those songs. Through songs, especially English children songs, children could improve their English skills. The songs lead children to learn name of some things and some simple expressions. They also learn to pronounce things in English. In addition, some songs lead children to spell things in English alphabet. Those learning method would give children way to learn English and their skill would gradually improve.

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    "Through songs, children would hear then record the songs in their brain. If they really like the songs, they would try to sing along with the songs"
    I got the point, since children have not yet influenced by many things and it helped by the song because they would singing it along with remembering the lyrics.
    Good thought and good essay, I suppose that you could explain more about the effectiveness of it Smile I rate 100 for this.
    yes that's the point. especially with songs that have music and lyrics are able to attract, children will be much easier to catch @maulanaray
    . good advice, now I was thinking to add the effectiveness of learning through music in this short essay. well, how about the technique of writing? do you think this essay is quite coherently?
    Smile thanks for giving rate anyway .
    Good essay. Nicely written. You make a good point.