Haiku written by stmufarrohah on Monday 5, December 2016

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Seeing a grey mass in the sky. (Haiku)

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Cloudy morning asking a flock of birds the color of sun

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    I can get the point of your poem, but it would be so much better if you make it longer. The short poem is good, but in this case there are many thing that can be developed to express the feeling deeper.
    @Feny F Dewi
    This writing is kind of Haiku, dear. And this is my second Haiku, the last entitle "The December Raining". As I know, in writing Haiku, writer would create no more than 17 morae's (known as syllable).
    It divides into 3 lines.
    However we should follow some rules in writing Haiku.
    For the first line is using capital letter beginning the sentence, but for the second and third are not allowed to use capital letter.
    Some opinion raise that actually writer of Haiku are not really strict with the rules of three phrases of 5-7-5 on respectively.
    Because the purposes of writing Haiku are capturing a feeling or image so the readers could see/hear/feel about it. In haiku, we get the visualization not an explanation Smile