Poem written by Nurwanti on Monday 5, December 2016

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A short poem about arrogance

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Shortly, For the sake of beauty, I brush blush patiently For the head of glory, I slander others secretly For the emblem of religiosity, I questioned the fidelity And I just don't get it rightly, When people shout at me I just took it wrongly, Blaming the reality, For the end of remedy Shortly, That's all me, Till I cried silently

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    I really like how you give a matching rhythm through the suffix -ly here,
    Nice work there!
    nice for the rhythm!
    Well thanks @Shane

    I'm glad the results are satisfactory, it took quite a lot of time to put the right rhymes.
    What do u think about the content?
    Thanks. Anyway, what do u think about the diction? Any issues?
    You don't need to be so overly dependent on rhyme, @nurwanti

    do you think so @shane
    well, later when I write others poetry maybe I was not so much emphasis on the rhyme.
    so deep. i sure it's awesome. but
    what do you mean about religiosity.? Hehhe

    Thanks @yuanputra. I'm glad you like it.
    Anyway, the meaning is sentimentally religious.