Balinese Women

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A short article about Balinese Women, Indonesia; linked with the Majapahit kingdom era

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Both of Javanese and Balinese women have different gender roles in their daily lives. This can be reviewed from several aspects. Balinese women look the same at first glance in terms of household chores when compared with Javanese women but they are different. The difference lies in terms of their chore. It is normal for Javanese women to become a housewife who takes care of home, children, and given all the responsibility to make a living on her husband. Yet, Balinese women have a higher responsibility than her husband; that is, besides being a housewife, they also should be able to be the backbone of the family who made a living for the necessities of life. Why does this happen? The composition of Balinese tradition is still very strong (especially in the fringers area of Bali); where the caste system between women and men are very strick. Balinese women are required to earn a living as well as taking care of the household while their husbands are required to clean and care for their places of worship. This division is based on the local believe that say: caring for the place of worship is much more difficult than taking care of the household and looking for work, so it should be a man who is able to do the difficult one. Then, as proof of love and trust in this beliefs, Balinese women has no objection for taking on multiple roles in the household as a housewife as well as breadwinner; yet they run their destiny with sincerity and accountability. According to historians, this is happening because anything to do with population movements in the era of the Majapahit kingdom. In the reign of Girindrawardhana, many Javanese people move to the area of Bali. By this process Javanese society also brings their custom and belief which eventually acculturated with Balinese original’s custom and beliefe. So that Balinese’s custom and belief nowadays are almost equal to the belief that embrace the Java community in the era of the Majapahit kingdom.

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    Nice explanation about woman gender role. I heard it is true that Balinese has different gender role with Javanese. The one who earn money for the family is the woman, and the man just do prayer, cockfight, etc? Although it is kinda weird but we have to respect the tradition Smile
    As I wrote above, women are more responsible in the household and make a living because men have more difficult task to take care of their places of worship. You look quite familiar with this topic, whether in your area the same thing happen? @maulanaray

    A nicely written essay. You need to double-space between paragraphs.
    Thankyou @kt6550

    I'll fix it. Well what do you think about the content?