Is It Possible? : Birthday Cake without Candles

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This essay starts from the question: why the birthday cake is always paired with a candle in the birthday celebration?Well, I tried to put it in a few paragraphs in the essay.

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Cake and candles are some of the things that are identical to a birthday celebration. Every birthday celebration, people used to put candles on a cake baked, said a prayer and then blow out the candles. Over many decades, it has become part to everyone’s - no exception in Indonesia. But why the birthday cake must be equipped with a candle? Can we celebrate a birthday without a candle in it? Many sources say that the birthday celebration using candle derived from the ancient culture of the Greeks. With the beliefs held, Greeks worshiped many gods by giving offerings. One of the gods that they worship is Artemis. The Greeks believed Artemis is the god of the moon; commonly referred to as the god of the hunt that was dubbed as “mother goddess”. Artemis also known as Deviana; "the shining one" or commonly called as Diana. To worship Artemis that believed to be the goddess of the moon, the ancient Greeks had a sacred ritual that is performed when the new moon or when the full moon comes. In this ritual they made honey cake with round shape as the full moon symbolism, other than that they also put candles on the cake as the embodiment of the moonlight. The offering is then placed on the altar of their temples to be a place where they pray and worship the Artemis. They believe the smoke produced from burning the candle will be able to bring their prayer came up to the god Artemis. And people keep doing this ritual on the day and the same situation; once a year. So that people are now adapting it as a form of birthday celebrations. So, why they prefer to use candles? What will happen if the ancient Greek society (at the time) would prefer to use others object than candles? Will the public nowadays still choose to use candles as a couple of the cakes in celebration of a birthday? At that time in Greece, candles count as objects that sell high value equivalent with gold and silver. This is possible because the Greeks did not produce candle at the time; whereas they need something to be burned as a transmitter of prayer, so to get the candle Greek society must make an exchange with other countries. One of the countries that produce a lot of candles and co exchanges with the Greeks is the country of India. As a means of exchange, the Greeks use gold or silver (Greek key commodities) to be exchanged with a candle. With the sale value of this exchange candle becomes expensive in Greece. It is quite reasonable, the public may not provide something bad (cheap) to worship god. In other words, they must provide something of high value as a token of their love to the gods. Undoubtedly, candle becomes a commodity with a high value in that period which is very decent used as offerings. Although Greece historically has strong background associated with birthday celebration procurement, the Greeks themselves very rarely celebrated a birthday party. As a side note, although the kids of the Greece do a birthday celebration, they will collect the child with the same birthday date or adjacent to hold a big birthday party. Surprisingly, they prefer serving pizza as pizza hut instead of making a birthday cake with candles. The fact says, most of the Greeks just celebrating a birthday when they were children. When fully grown, they do not do a lot of birthday celebrations but they more often use to hold the name day celebration. It is indeed more important than birthday party. This celebration is an expression of gratitude for having had the new name given from a church. And as a form of celebration, the host will provide pastries, sweets and hors d'oeuvres to the guests. Thus, if there is the question of how if the birthday is celebrated without a cake complete with a candle? The answer is obvious, is not a problem. It is natural and unremarkable. For, although a birthday celebration with cake and candles has worldwide, in fact its original state was even almost forgotten about it.

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    This article is marvelous. I personally never thought why should use birthday candles
    Well done.
    Well thank you, @Hino

    just tell me..maybe there is something that needs to be fixed on this article?
    Nice article! It also gives me some new information that I've even never thought about before.
    Nice thought, I never think about it and maybe birthday party without singing happy birthday Grin

    how dare you to whoever rate this so low? it is worth to read.
    thanks @palupiskr

    I'm glad this one adds your horizons.
    thank you @maulanaray

    a birthday celebration without singing the birthday song, it might be an interesting topic for me to write.
    No comments about cake, candle and birthday story. but I know why you have to blow the candle, so that the cake can be eaten. @nurwanti
    but it was a good article actually. Hemmm..
    birthday like what you want or what most women want or birthday without birthday party. Mybe can be interesting topic for me. Smile
    Birthday party that i want? I just want to have someone who can spent all the day with me on my birthday @yuanputra
    , the past, It never did .
    After that. I always try to span my day on May 1st. but I do not know if you still want to share it. sorry im spam. @nurwanti