The December Rains

Haiku written by stmufarrohah on Sunday 4, December 2016

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It's bitterly cold out there

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December raining- the robber of the sunshine is freezing the leaves.

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    Short but clear. Nice!
    Wauw... It's very short poem Grin
    But it's okay, it's good poem.
    yep, this is haiku, a very short form of Japanese poetry. As we know haiku consist of 17 morae on -- often translated as "syllables", in three phrases of 5, 7, and 5 on respectively.
    A nice, short poem
    thank you! did you imagine something after read that haiku?
    This might a short poetry which consists of 17 moraes (known as syllables, but we couldn't translate it to it), but I tried to show to you the imagination behind the words that stated above.

    As haiku has the features of:
    -It contains three lines.
    - It has five moras (syllables) in the first line, seven in the second and five in the last line.
    - It contains 17 syllables in total.
    - A Haiku poem does not rhyme.
    - Haiku poems frequently have a kigo or seasonal reference.
    -Haiku poems are usually about nature or natural phenomenon.
    -The poem has two juxtaposed subjects that are divided into two contrasting parts.
    - In English, this division between two parts can be shown by a colon or dash.

    I'm trying to make it as I could although this is my first time write this kind of poetry. Hope this poetry could give you such a visualization that I intended to say Smile
    thanks! Also, you could express what you feel after read this through this comment column. I'll wait Smile