Stand by me

Poem written by Nurwanti on Sunday 4, December 2016

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This is my first poem. Through this poem I try to present a poem that can be read from top to bottom (the first verse to the last) and also from bottom to top (the last verse to the first). and this is it ... Hope you enjoy it

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Don't Go? Give a minute Show how much its worth Give time to fix all the errors and wait Show how hard its work Give a chance Let It go?

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    Simple and unique poem. However, it's a little bit weird when I come to the first and last 2 lines.
    Um, maybe because I'm unfamiliar with these form of poem.
    in my opinion, it is better to not splitting "don't go" and "let it go". I mean if you want to make it able to read from top or bottom that is the better idea Smile
    I agree with two comments before. I know that you're trying to make the form unique, but it is kind a wierd. I got trouble in reading it especially when you separated some words. This is your first poem which is good. Nice try!
    @Yuke Yovrinda Frankly, I want to make it little bit different.. well if it's a little bit weird...
    Do you have any suggestions to improve it?Smile
    ,, first I also thought not to separate them but finally decided to separate them.
    lol Smile
    But what about the form? Is this weird? Any suggestion?
    so sad.. but yap this one is my first. I'll make the poems better next time.
    Anyway, would you give me some advise (how to write a good poem)? Grin
    @Aviv Khasanah
    It is confusing to separate the line of one meaningful words. However, there must be something behind it right?
    You are absolutely right @arumgumelar

    but what I want to say is less likely to be delivered, it takes more time to practice, any suggestions?
    i do not really get what do you want to say in this poem.
    I actually wanted to show the contrast between two objectives: the wish to understand and to be understood.
    perhaps you have any suggestions how to make it easier to understand? @Agung Bimo Baskoro