Poem written by stmufarrohah on Sunday 4, December 2016

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pointing out nothing

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Under haunted skies A girl walked through the street She tried to search a little hope for not being lonely. It could be found aside of the bench a place where an elderly couple had their day She thought. Or It could be found under the trees a place where children splashed through the puddles after the rain She looked with curious eyes. Days passed She was searching, still for the answer and fate. .. Meanwhile, the truth is nothing going to be happen 'till she realizes that she is the other remedies for her life.

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    Some writers take sad ending in their poems as the same as yours. Is it really depend on their mood? How about you, do you feel gloomy like the others when you write this?
    Or you just create this freely?
    I just wondering. Sorry for the strange questions..
    @Yuke Yovrinda
    It's okay you don't need to apologize.
    Hm, I believe that in writing poems not always based on the writer's feeling, but still some pieces are theirs. Those pieces are the thing that they wants to deliver it to the reader.
    That's also what happened to me. Even I'm not experienced that moment, I'm trying to picture it through the words after observing about that before.
    What's manner in here is the way I express some moments through the words, and I hope the readers would realize about it after reading this poem. As "there's something behind a thing", I to explore and figure it more.
    Then, a question rises:
    How could I step down into a situation?
    One word, it is "listening".
    By listening we could not only hear, but also see even feel the emotions. That's all depend on our intention, whether we just want to "hear" or "feel".
    There a lot of smallest things that have a biggest of means.
    If it is difficult for us to listen to the other maybe because we could not listen to ourselves first Smile

    Whoa, so sorry if my answer is absurd or ajhdsjgkjdgkjd or whatever, lol Grin
    In short, Yassssssss i feel those feeling through writing a poem even that's not mine Wink