That Lady

Poem written by stmufarrohah on Saturday 3, December 2016

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Poetic just her life.

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A lady looked with wide-eyed apprehension while she held her breath and waited for a taste of freedom. She smiled. A lady spoke the rhymes of madness while she prayed sincerely and hoped for a taste of happiness She just smiled. 'cause she lost her tears. No one knew what happened maybe it just poetic was her life.

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    You can evoke the emotion of madness and despair, but never lose hope very well. Thumbs up!
    i can sense the woman's oppression here. the helplessness, it's frustating.
    It gives me feels. I'm shivering.
    uh your comment means a lot for me. Thank you!
    A lady spoke the rhymes of madness
    rhymes and madness.. what a combination
    Love this verse so much. @stmufarrohah

    @Feny F Dewi
    Thank you a bunch, Fen!
    while I was writing this poem, I hoped people could feel that emotions: madness, depressed, frustrating, despair, etc. However, I kept the feeling of "stay and hope" instead of losing it.
    Here, I chose female as the subject (again, and yep mostly I used female as the subject). One reason because I am woman and I though, we, women, have unique characteristic and of course more complex than men.
    for instance, women used to show what they feel through their expression while men used to say directly in expressing the feeling.
    I often see when men in the lowest position, they could not handle their feeling. Otherwise, women fell depressed easily but they still have hopes. For example we could see a coupl.

    Yep. Idk what kind of feeling while writing this poem, I felt that sadness, tho.
    Pointing out about women's oppression, I did not mean to show about their weaknesses. On the contrary I want to prove that women could hold on no one.
    We used to hear that women are dependent, that's right that we need other people to accompany us, but that's not fully the fact.
    Women could live because they are strong enough and one important thing is they have belief.
    Not refer to some religion, women could pass through the difficulties just because they believe that they could.