Poem written by stmufarrohah on Saturday 3, December 2016

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artificial feelings

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Dear, no one You asked me: "How's my feeling?" We sat in silence awaiting my answer. You smiled, said that it's just about the time. You were right. I had waited in vain, and I need to do that once again. I should thank to you for teaching me that true happiness is the world's greatest lie.

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    this reminds me of bob marley's waiting in vain lol keep the good work!
    haha and you just poke me to search the lyric of that song, lol, poor me just didn't know about that song Shock

    So, I conclude that you think this this poem is about waiting the lovers one. Actually, I did not expect about the theme of love story. I just want to pointing out about "doing something useless".
    It was stated at the first line Dear, no one, the subject "I" in here was talking to nobody, means he/she was talking with her/himself.
    I hope the readers could feel the pathetic emotion.
    However, I created the subject as the one who was hopeless after trying to fight the life.
    it's just about the time.
    You were right.
    I had waited in vain,

    This is similar with people nowadays, they often being weak but still try to pass it through.

    Finally, i chose an unpleasant ending cause I think it is not everybody is strong one and another. I want to expose the one who are alone and being desperately. In fact, people used to disregard to see the ones that need a help like the subject "I" in this poem. That's my biggest hope for the readers to be more sensitive with others.