The Loving Touch of Freddy Krueger

Essay written by Mythbhavd on Wednesday 22, November 2006

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A few days ago, I was talking to BrokenParadise and some of her friends about horror movies. We were comparing different movie monsters and I came to the decision that I like Freddy Krueger the best of all those great movie monsters. Why, do you ask? Well, I'll be more than happy to tell you. Freddy gives that special loving touch. Jason is only concerned with hacking and slashing. He doesn't care who he's killing as long as he's killing someone. Leatherface only wants to kill you so he can wear your skin. Michael Myers is just a psycopath. Norman Bates is only trying to get a twisted revenge on his mother. And the living dead, in all their incarnations, only want to eat your brains. But Freddy, ah Freddy. Yes, in his own way, Freddy is a very caring person. He caters to his victims. You see, unlike his compatriots, he enjoys giving each person the last thrill of their life. He goes out of his way to make sure that each person gets the most out of their death experience. Think of all the work that goes into custom tailoring a nightmare just for each victim. And, he's a willing monster. If his people decide to fight back, such as in Dream Warriors, he is more than happy to oblige them. He gives them all a good fight and even lets one or two escape, but he is always willing to come back for more. Add to that a great, if bloody, sense of humor and you have the makings of a monster that you just love to hate. Yes, he'd definitely be my choice if I had to go through a horror movie.

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    wow this is awesome...i never thought you would actually post it.....its funny
    Interesting insight.
    Pretty good! I really enjoyed this.