Poem written by stmufarrohah on Saturday 3, December 2016

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and overall ... the vibes.

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Under the sunrise, The early vibes suggest its strength, It embraces the thorns of pains, It gives remedy of crevices, And awake human to the truth that they should be ready for eternity to go. Under the moonlight, The late vibes proposes its existence, It squirts poisons of the night, It infects its enthusiasm of confession, And bring human to the justices that they should be headed for the valleys beyond. Then, What are we waiting for? Let's ride the vibes for the moment.

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    Nice and sophisticated work!Smile
    So imaginative and suggestive, it let me picture some impression and reminded me to cherish my time. Thank you for making such a work!

    Thank you.
    In here, I tried to encourage people to keep going in life by first showing them about the phenomena of how feeling could have an effect on us.
    they should be ready for eternity to go
    they should be headed for the valleys beyond
    persuading people => What are we waiting for? Let's ride the vibes for the moment.

    Seeing the title, people would ask on their mind "is it good or bad?", furthermore I showed to all of you the impacts of vibes instead of explaining whether that's good or bad.
    embraces the thorns of pains , gives remedy of crevices , infects its enthusiasm of confession
    Because I thought people are more sensitive if they know the result. They could imagine and realize it. Of course, this is more easy to impress the readers instead of giving explanation about what is meant about the topic.

    You're welcome.
    I'm just giggling while seeing your comment of "suggestive", but thank you for your comment.
    That's my happiness if this poem could give the positive impacts for the readers Smile

    Fyi, I chose to use two different situation in the poem: day and night
    (Under the sunrise and Under the moonlight)
    These's the reasons:
    - At the day we used to do some activities: working, studying, etc.
    Meanwhile, at night is the time for us to take a rest or spending time with friends or family.
    Both of this situations of course give different feeling, the one is stressing our self out and the other one is relaxing.
    - (The 1st sested, at the second line) The words suggest its strength indicates that we need to keep spirit doing all day long that full of activities, no excuse for it.
    That's why it stated (at the end of lines) awake human to the truth means life gives us no choice expect doing it.
    Even you doing nothing, you should keep going for it because time never stops.
    - (The 2nd sested, at second line) The words proposes its existence shows about how we love this time.
    People used to hanging out with friends or family at this moment, it makes the night is exist and become the time that people always wait.
    Yet, it bring human to the justices (2 last lines at 2nd sested) that after the night they have to face the day that full of the activities again.