Sonnet written by seventhson on Monday 28, November 2016

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What is life and what to do about it? It is you to decide.

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It is not as simple as you imagine So many choices in it that you may encounter So confusing that you could have a migraine Very complicated as I remember What is the answer? I wonder I guess not so many understand either Wandering in this world aimlessly Using all of my knowledge to answer it correctly Yet, I may have failed to answer one simple question Yes, it seems simple And this also may be the question of all "His" creation Answering it may be impossible Our answer to it may differ But there are somethings you should do about life, I suppose To make around you not suffer and hold dear your love so close

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    I won't use the all-too-common words "deep" or "insightful" to describe this, just, "Apt". Good work!

    Haha. Okay, mate. Thanks for the compliment.
    Life is short, but it's not simple. Nicely done, @seventhson. Keep writing Smile
    I think you need to put punctuation in the end of the line in order to make your phrasing clear.

    thanks for the feedback and your support. I appreciate it. I will keep writing sonnet for it is the type of poem that really suit me well, I guess Grin However, many suggestions also said that I need to improve my diction in order to match the rhyme of my poem. Hope I will be better next time. Smile

    First of all, I thank you for the feedback. I admit it. I kinda suck at punctuation. This punctuation matter is a big trouble for me. But, worry not my friend, I keep learning to solve this. If you have some tips to help me feel free to tell me, mate. I'd love to hear it. Ty Smile